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Starting Location: Marseilles Adventurers' Guild

Required Skill(s): Search 1, Art 2, French Language

Difficulty: 1-Star

Reward: 62,000 D, 130 Adventure Experience, 130 Adventure Fame, Quest Mediation Permit

Advance: 0 D

Quest Details:

The investigation is regarding the painting by Da Vinci, who lives in this city. It seems that there is a painting which Da Vinci created in collaboration with someone long ago. This research is in regards to that. For starters speak to the Scholars.


Obtained Info Text
Speak to the Scholar in the Marseilles Archives. A collaboration between da Vinci and someone else? It's true: when da Vinci was in Florence, he was supposedly an apprentice at Andrea del Verrocchio's studio... He must have done at least one collaboration with Verrocchio at the time.
Speak to Da Vinci at the Da Vinci Estate in Marseilles. My collaboration with Mr Verrocchio? That brings up a lot of memories. Very well, I'm in a good mood.
Speak to Da Vinci again. I just painted the background and the angel on the left. It seemed like Mr Verrocchio liked it. He said "I leave the painting up to you. Now I can focus on my sculpting" and he laughed. Where is the painting now? Well, it's not my picture, it's Mr Verrocchio's. You'll have to find it for yourself.
Speak to the Scholar in the Marseilles Archives again. Focus on sculpting, eh... It's true that ever since that time, Verrocchio never again took up a brush. He may have laughed it off in front of Da Vinci, but I bet he was serious when he said that... Verrocchio's last painting is being kept in the Genoa church.
Visit the Genoa Church.

Use "Observe" and "Search" in the right hand cove near the front of the church.

You've discovered The Baptism of Jesus.
Earned 100 Adventure Experience
Aquired Discovery Card
Earned 50 Adventure Experience