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Type alcohol Vodka
A liquor distilled from rye.
Filtered through charcoal of the white birch.


Treasure Maps:

Skill  price update notice

Please update the price if its closer to or at 100% rate.
Preferably in non-allied port.

Buy Icon Sell Icon To make: Made from:
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Riga 551 Ð Type arrow rt
St. Petersburg 452 Ð Type arrow rt
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Amsterdam 670 Ð Type arrow rt
Antwerp 648 Ð Type arrow dr
Bergen 649 Ð Type arrow rt
Bordeaux 763 Ð Type arrow ur
Bremen 711 Ð Type arrow ur
Calais 734 Ð Type arrow rt
Copenhagen 749 Ð Type arrow ur
Danzig 664 Ð Type arrow rt
Dover 707 Ð Type arrow rt
Dublin 783 Ð Type arrow ur
Edinburgh 809 Ð Type arrow ur
Groningen 645 Ð Type arrow dr
Hamburg 665 Ð Type arrow dr
Helder 698 Ð Type arrow rt
London 605 Ð Type arrow dr
Lubeck 654 Ð Type arrow rt
Nantes 631 Ð Type arrow dr
Oslo 637 Ð Type arrow dr
Plymouth 605 Ð Type arrow dr
Stockholm 675 Ð Type arrow rt
Visby 637 Ð Type arrow dr
Western Europe
City: Price:
Barcelona 716 Ð Type arrow rt
Cagliari 709 Ð Type arrow dr
Calvi 768 Ð Type arrow ur
Casablanca 767 Ð Type arrow ur
Ceuta 540 Ð Type arrow dr
Faro 612 Ð Type arrow dr
Genoa 857 Ð Type arrow ur
Gijon 767 Ð Type arrow ur
Las Palmas 716 Ð Type arrow rt
Lisbon 725 Ð Type arrow ur
Madeira 587 Ð Type arrow dr
Malaga 767 Ð Type arrow ur
Marseille 620 Ð Type arrow dr
Montpellier 675 Ð Type arrow dr
Palma 793 Ð Type arrow ur
Pisa 650 Ð Type arrow dr
Porto 700 Ð Type arrow rt
Sassari 768 Ð Type arrow ur
Seville 612 Ð Type arrow dr
Valencia 638 Ð Type arrow dr
Eastern Europe
City: Price:
Salonika 826 Ð Type arrow ur
Southern Africa
City: Price:
Mozambique 1,000 Ð Type arrow dr

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