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Turkey West Coast Map

TWC Turkey West Coast Ruins "Hisarlik Hill"TWC2

Area Name: Turkey West Coast
Location: West Anatolia Landing - East Mediterranean Sea
Location Map:
Landmarks: Giant Dead Tree x3, White Flower, Stack Boulders
Collection: White Flowers, Safflower, Daffodils, Rose, Saltpetre, Logs
Procurement: Red Beans, Olives, Wheat, Onions
Search: Buccaneer waistcoat, Yelek, Fez, Rusty short sword, Main gauche, Dull longsword, Dull cutlass, Cutlass, Snaplock rifle, Traveller's notes, Steel-wire Hunting net, Paris, Antique Art
Enemy: Ienicheri Lvl17
Related Quests:

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