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Treasure Hunt  

(Still being translated, please forgive akward wording. Links will outsource to the Japanese Wikia until they are added into this Wikia.)

Source: Japanese Wiki

A treasure hunt, broken up into themes, investigates the traditions handed down around the world, this a new adventure style of play which aims to discover the relics of tradition.


You begin to treasure hunt 

  • Speak to a Barkeep in a tavern, and then click 'Begin Hunt'.
  1. You select a theme of treasure hunt from the list, then treasure hunt is started, 
    it will not only get clue pieces of the theme that has been selected, but in addition, if you have two or more clue pieces, you can assemble them together.
  2. Current state of the Treasure Hunt, you can check from the treasure hunt of diary.

Note: if the Treasure Hunt you are working on has more than one theme, discard clues from the one you are not working on (check the lists). This will save you a lot of hassle.

To collect the clue piece

  • While on a treasure hunt, you collect the clue pieces which are hints of a Relic.
  • Clue pieces will be available in a variety of actions. Be sure to try various activities.

To assemble a clue piece 

  • Once you have gathered some clue pieces, let's assemble in the tavern. 
    By assembling the clue pieces available you can obtain clue pieces of higher rank with a success.
  1. Speak to a Barkeep in a tavern, and then click the "Assemble Clues".
  2. Select a clue piece serving as a reference for synthesis, a clue piece you want to add.
    • Clue pieces serving as a reference for the synthesis can only belong to the theme currently in progress. 
      In addition, a clue piece serving as a reference for the synthesis and a clue piece you want to add cannot be the same thing.
  3. Synthesizing the clue piece.
    • If successful, you can obtain a clue piece of higher rank.
    • If it fails, the clue piece that was added to the second slot will be lost as well.
      • I added the Discovery card on hand for the synthesis. 
        If association with a clue piece is strong, discovery card that you use can easily become successful synthesis. 
        It is easier to fail if there is less relevance.
      • The discovery card that you have made in the synthesis, may be lost in case of a successful synthesis.
      • Cultural contribution can now be obtained in the synthesis of 5 or more pieces. 5 per piece.

Adventure writing 

  • When you get the clue piece of high rank in the synthesis, the rank of progress will increase.
  • Progress is increased to a certain extent, you may see the adventure log shows the story of the treasure hunt being disclosed.
  • Once the Adventure log is disclosed, you can get the (achievement of the Royal Fleet) and fame and experience.

Using the clue piece 

  • You can use the clue piece of some. If you do, you will be able to undertake the quest.
  • To select [Clue piece] of [Clue List] button from the [Treasure Hunt] menu to use the clue piece and choose the clue piece you want to use.
  • Using the clue piece of the highest rank, you will see the Relic discovery quest.
    • If the quest requires a language pre-requisite, and you do not have the language skills, (substitute accepted by translation note) then you can not use the clue piece.
      • Academic skills will be redeemed even if they are not enough.
      • It is not possible to fleet for support on skill leeching.
  • If you undertake the quest the clue piece that was used will be lost.
    • You can take the quest with the clue piece once a day. 
      You accept the quest (Company Colony also available) in the city.

The discovery of the Relic 

  • By achieving the Relic discovery quest, you can find a Relic.
    • To start the Relic discovery quest, quest conditions will be required.
    • Unlike the Guild or Imperial Quests, you can take the same Relic discovery quest in succession.
    • On the other hand, it does not count to the number of pages of discovery-based theme of university research.
  • Please note that there may be more than one Relic in a theme, you can challenge another same-themed Relic once you achieve a relic discovery quest via the same means. To continue onto another theme though you discard the current theme.


Obtaining the clue piece  It is recommended strongly to acquire as many pieces of a kind as you can for when you Assemble the pieces you don't run out. Clues can be obtained at places like the following as well as others potentially not listed here:

  • Food: Tavern
  • Merchant Keeper: Purchasing trade goods
  • Port officials and Information people
  • Item shop
  • Merchant Guild Master: Supporting Electors
  • Quest completed, findings reported (and reporting to barmaids, ★ 14 confirmation)
  • Findings At the time of displaying at the exhibition hall (The Louvre) (★ 11 confirmation)
  • Shipwreck search (★ 13 confirmation)
  • Thesis reporting
  • Town officials: investment
  • Collection, Procurement, and Fishing (frequency: small)
  • Private farm: development
  • Dolphin and pet
  • Storm

Clue piece available 

  • Clue piece, which is available from Treasure Hunt immediately after the start to Rank 3
  • After synthesizing in the tavern it will be available at the above-mentioned means of high Rank
  • You can own up to 15 types of clue pieces.
  • Up to 200 units of each.
  • Rank of pieces available in the archive depends on the academic skills rank you have. Fleet support is not recognized.

Synthesis of Clue piece 

  • Select the number of clues and the clue piece to start with, then select the number and clue piece you want to add, you can also help synthesizing by adding a Discovery card. (Can also be synthesized without using a card.)
  • Card group that can be used is updated every hour
  • The results of the clue synthesis.
    • Failure? : "What information is not enough, I lost a cluepiece that you added that you could not get a new clue piece."
    • Success? : I can get a new clue piece. Card is lost.
    • Great success? : I can get a new clue piece. Card is not lost.
  • Even pieces of different themes, other pieces to be added later during the synthesis, can be synthesized.
  • If successful the final synthesis, the message "Will be able to undertake a Relic discovery quest. Using clue piece leads to the Relic discovery! Clue piece screen." is displayed.
  • Equation of clue piece synthesis appears to almost succeeded
    • Piece if the Clues are the different ★ numbers:
      • And (whether ★) (★ n +1) = (★ n) × 2 + × 1
      • (★ n +1) = (★ n) × 1 + (★ n-1) × 3
      • (★ n +1) = (★ n) × 1 + (★ n-2) × 5
      • (★ n +1) = (★ n) × 1 + (★ n-3) × 11
    • In the case of the clue pieces being the same ★ number:
      • (★ n +1) = (★ n) 2 × (☆ n) × 1
      • (★ n +1) = (★ n) 1 × (☆ n) × 3
      • (★ n +1) = (★ n) 1 × (☆ n +1) × 2
      • You can fail or succeed, rank 8 even like or succeeded by card theme and also the card of discovery card ...... rank 10 (★ max) = (★ 1) × 1 + (★ 1) + rank 9-10 seems to
  • If you do many times the synthesis, the number of patterns required for the synthesis is gradually reduced (confirmation required)


Album Theme Rank Discoveries Emergence conditions Get items Remarks
None Shining hill Nine Two Phase 3 Potosi silver mine development 16 century Silver horseshoe of 

golden heart

Historical events
PlayStation Joan Ten One Fifth Kikimochi-ho reaching 15th century Armor on-Han Historical events
No.1 Fairy tale Seven Two Phase 2 and later 16th century: the appearance time? Khoja Uncle 

whistle an old

Hidden Hero Eight One Fragments of geste an old: use item Jack of spades
Grimoire Eight Three Remegeton 

Emerald tablet  Pikatorikusu

Treasure legend Ten Two The stop band of golden 

glass pieces an old

No.2 Edge made Seven One 15th century Necklace of Didot
Who to fight and Rome Eight Three First phase of the 15th century, the 5th Necklace of pirate queen 

helmet of Spartacus  tactics manual of Pyrrhus

A model of the policy makers Eight Two Third period 15th century, the fourth phase Memorandum of marsh 

spear original magistrate

Avalon Nine Three The: use item glass pieces an old Apple golden 

sword of the knight of the lake  ax of the Green Knight

Note item becomes also required when it resumes the theme discard
No.3 Sun god of ancient Egypt Seven One Necklace of God Aten
France strife Eight Two War hammer of Richemont Marshal 

ax of Jeanne Hachette

Story of Arabia Eight Two Lamp of Aladdin 

turban Alibaba

Lamp Relic 1 north east coast of the Arabian hinterland provinces Sindh 

Persian Gulf north coast hinterland Kuhe-Rafumato the turban of Relic 2

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire east and west Nine Two First phase of 15th century Shoes of dancer 

Kariga of Sutirigo

Get items equipped with both feet
Dawn of France Nine Two Helmet of Vercingetorix 

war hammer of Karumaruteru

No.4 Woman pirate of legend Eight One Helmet of Aruvu~ida
Legend of the Nordic Eight One Helmet of Beowulf
Sword and shield of Italy Ten Two Manual of the art of war Kunkutatoru 

seal of Masaru Takeshi

Unexplored region of the East Nine One Xiantao

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