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Treasure Box System

  • The Treasure box system is available only to players with a total level reaching 50
  • The Treasure box icon is located exactly at the top of the players screen
  • When clicked, The treasure box system will open a separate window where the Treasure Box interface can be seen.
  • The items inside the treasure box are changed at an indicated time. (Ex. Oct 24,2011 Treasure box list will be changed on Nov 16, 2011)
  • WARNING: The Treasure box interface is very sensitive. Do not click on the interface UNLESS you really have an intention of buying a treasure box
    • Clicking on the Treasure box will automatically prompt the system to purchase the treasure box. There will be no warning or notice.
  • The treasure box will not take up invetory space, Items obtained using the treasure box will be automatically sent to your banks "Receive-order" Option.

How to use:

  1. Make sure that you have the right amount of Netmarble Credits before you use the treasure box system. each treasure box cost around 2900NC
  2. Click on the "Treasure Box" Icon on the upper part of your screenTBS2
  3. Upon Clicking, The icon will open the treasure box interface. The interface is a separate window which will not disturb your game. The interface will have 2 cards you need to pick one inorder to obtain the itemTBS
  4. After you clicked on the card of your choice. The box will be rolled to reveal your actual price. The prizes will be automatically sent to your Bank via the "Receive-Item" function.

List of prizes

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