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I Trade01

Traders or Merchants are in charge of sailing around the world finding the best and most exotic goods to trade in. Buy low and sell high is their motto.

They are also responsible for crafting various goods from Cooking to Alchemy!

Basically job define a set of skills. When you apply a job, you can obtain the skills related to that job easily.


Trading Job Certificate

You need a Certificate / Permit to apply for certain job's. You obtain the Certificate/Permit by finishing a certain Quest. You can change your job any time you like.

You can reapply for a job that you have already completed, any time you like, and for that You don't need a Certificate / Permit any more. To change your job, you just need to visit a merchant Guild Master (GM) at Merchant Guild in any big city.

For any Beginner Trading Job you need "The Merchant Guild Card" to apply the Job. "The Merchant Guild Card" can be obtain by finish "The Merchant Guild's Predicament" quest or buy an Item Shop (2990NC).

For the Intermediate and Master Job, You need a special Certificate / Permit each.


Type beginner job
Type intermediate job
Type master job


General Skills
Production Skills
Skills Increasing Trade Goods
Miscellaneous Skills

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