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Type ores Tin Ore
Ore that contains tin.
Tin is combined with zinc to make bronze.


Skill  price update notice

Please update the price if its closer to or at 100% rate.
Preferably in non-allied port.

Buy Icon Sell Icon
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Hamburg 483 Ð Type arrow rt
Plymouth 424 Ð Type arrow rt
Attrib timeperiodBremen ?? Ð
Western Europe
City: Price:
Porto 483 Ð Type arrow rt
Western Africa
City: Price:
Douala 462 Ð Type arrow rt
Southern Africa
City: Price:
Cape Town 483 Ð Type arrow rt
Southeast Asia
City: Price:
Lop Buri 494 Ð Type arrow ur
Malacca 573 Ð Type arrow ur
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Amsterdam 533 Ð Type arrow rt
Antwerp 560 Ð
Bergen 484 Ð Type arrow rt
Bremen 551 Ð
Calais 548 Ð
Dover 551 Ð
Dublin 484 Ð Type arrow rt
Groningen 551 Ð
Helder 549 Ð
London 551 Ð
Manchester 602 Ð Type arrow ur
Plymouth 477 Ð
Western Europe
City: Price:
Calvi 560 Ð Type arrow dr
Casablanca 643 Ð Type arrow ur
Gijon 565 Ð Type arrow ur
Lisbon 571 Ð Type arrow ur
Pisa 563 Ð Type arrow ur
Eastern Europe
City: Price:
Alexandria 503 Ð Type arrow dr
Cairo 594 Ð Type arrow rt
Western Afica
City: Price:
Sao Tome 513 Ð Type arrow rt
Eastern Africa/India
City: Price:
Diu 678 Ð Type arrow ur
City: Price:
Kakadu 579 Ð Type arrow ur

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