Name: The greatest black pearl No Expiration
Contract Location: Reward:
VeniceSevilleGenoaAmsterdamAdventure guild
Attrib price 190,000 Ð
Advance  Ð
Discovery Peacock Colour

Quest Details: Difficulty:

You know what pearls are, right? Rare and extremely valuable jewels of the sea. In the Persian Sea, they say you can find black pearls, and a jeweller is looking for one of the highest quality. Any scrap of information will do--can you ask around at Muscat?

Required Skill(s):

Required Fame:
Attrib fame1Type adventure 0 Attrib fame1Type trade 0 Attrib fame1Type battle 0

1. Muscat:
Talk to Shopkeeper
2. Basra:
Talk to Shopkeeper
3. Basra Mosque - Use Observe and Search:
A top grade black pearl was given to the mosque in Basra where it still stay today. I should look around the mosque for future reference. I may not be able to negatoate a deal to purchase it, but i might be able to get some clues.
EXP: 370 Fame:990
Item or Discovery: Peacock Colour
Item 2: Quest Mediation Permit