The Merchants Guild (Trader)

(Conversation - what you will learn)


So your Lore, your the new Merchant that has come to town. I have a little something here from the guild for you. By the way, I have already put in for your insurance application.

Obtained 50,000 Ducats Obtained Daggar

Obtained Sail Paint

Obtained Carillon Bells Is this your first time sailing? If so, you might take this,

Obtained East Mediterranean Sea Entry Permit

Without it, even if you landed in a new town, the stubborn officials won't let you dock. You seem new to these parts, so I marked the towns that you can dock on your map. Once you check your map, I will tell you life as a sailor, so come and talk to me again.

Click on the Journal button in the upper right hand corner and select Port Permits to see which towns you can enter. (Not all of the ports that you can land at, are marked on the map. I recommend downloading this map and visiting this site to have a better understanding of the territories.)

Ok, let's talk about the life as a Voyager. Here at the Merchant Guild we mainly give errands aimed at Merchants... but what good is are sailors who don't know how to sail? That's why we have the "Maritime Academy" to teach Voyagers the basics. And all the while, you gain "Experience", making these courses the smart thing to do. You should have a good deal of "Fame" by the time you graduate. Now, go and make a name for yourself.

You can take on quests by first talking to the instructor at the academy or by talking to the mediator and then click on the Take errand button in the lower right.

Ok, I'll show you to the Maritime Academy. You can pick up some basics and earn some experience there. It's where all serious Voyagers go. Learn all they have to offer and you'll gain the confidence to go out on the high seas.

Transported to the Maritime Academy.

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Lore 10:13, October 31, 2010 (UTC) Lore

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