Skill storage Storage
In case of shipwreck or being
looted, damage can be
somewhat eased.
Preserved food can be made.
Attrib-vigour 5 Max. Rank 16
Acquisition requirements:
LvType adventure - LvType trade 1 LvType battle -

Additional info:

Minimize loss in case of melee battle defeat or shipwreck.
Also allow the production of storage food by processing fish (recipe needed).
Keep every item in your inventory from losing durability.
Higher rank means more protection and the production of elaborate storage food.
If the storage rank is higher than the opponent's plunder rank chances are the storage will go untouched.
For a list of recipe books for this skill goto Storage Books
- Early Storage+Cooking+Sewing Skillups
- Storage Grinding
Refine Additional Effect: Conserve production material

It will be possible to conserve materials for production. Also, a specific effect will be added when production is a great success.
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Name Acquireable Skills Report Others
Merchant GM
Merchants' Guild
Flag spain Seville

- Merchant Quest -

Merchant GM
Merchants' Guild
Flag france Marseilles

- Merchant Quest -

Merchant GM
Merchants' Guild
Flag netherlands Amsterdam

- Merchant Quest -

Merchant GM
Merchants' Guild

- Merchant Quest -


Type adventure
Type trade
Type battle

Boost Items

Body Equipment

Held Equipment


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