== Adventure in Portugal==

Botanist and Archaeologist in Portugal is recommended


Archeology will provide skill preference in Search,which is the lifeblood of an explorer as well as access to Lockpicking, which would otherwise be only

accessible much later in game. Archeology also provides most discoveries in early game, therefore earn you fast exp. The downside is that you have to

travel quite extensively, often going far into the Mediterranean to dig up artifacts belonging to the Roman Empire.

However, once you have opened up the map to Eastern Europe, with access to the explorer's-heaven city of Athens, all your hard work would be well worth it. Here you will find many high end quests which will land you a lot of exp and gold


The upside of that is that there are numerous Biological quests located close to the starting Port of Lisbon. And if you group with players, your exp would grow very fast, provided you run quests together. Another advantage is that later on in the game when you pay a visit to India, you will find many of the most rewarding quests require Biology related skills.

The downside is that if you do continue with the Botanist path, you probably would miss out on the quests in Athens.

Merchant in Portugal

During the Age of Sail, Portugal gave the world some of the its finest cuisines, salt-cured fish, Portugese Chicken and Portugese sausage. Its no surprise

that Lisbon and its neighboring territories hold vast number of food items. A chef will provide skill preferences in both Cooking and Food Trades.

Exploiting both the trade routes between Lisbon and its neighboring ports butchering pigs to make sausages will make you very wealthy very quick.

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