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This article is meant to list all the skills training locations, costs and requirements. A note on their functionality would be useful as well.

As it is, Artillery skills details is the most we have atm. That page will be scrapped once this one is up to par.

The GM skills vary depending on what job you currently have. The three skills shown on the GM's are universal and sold to all players. Favorite job skills listed under your GM will stay the same at all ports until you change your job.

Also note category:skills {C}(this page should change its layout, i'm having a bad time browsing it.Try consider the Language section layout).

==Naples Skills + Locations==

Rich people

Thomas Camponella Gesualdo
Hebrew - 30k Fishing - 3k
Collection - 4k


Adventure GM Merchant GM Maritime GM
Provisions - 2k Investment- 8k Repair - 8k
Recognition - 3k Handicrafts - 20k Tactics - 10k
Archaeology - 1.5k Greek - 6k Ballistics - 25k

==London Skills + Locations ==

Rich People

Duckett Company House

(Report Ports/Settlements)

Jon Dee

(Report Medium Creatures)


(Report Arts)

Alcohol Trading - 8k Collection - 4k Celtic - 10k
Fabric trading - 35k Eradication - 3k Dutch - 1k
Fishing - 3k Body Language - 25k Spanish - 1k

London palace

Earl of Leicester

Earl of Sussex

( Report Theology )

Medicine trading - 15k
Ballistics - 25k


Adventure GM Merchant GM Maritime GM
Ecological research - 3k Sundries trading - 3k Repair - 8k
Geography - 5k Caution- 2k Lookout - 1k
Treasure Appraisal - 3k Sociability - 2k Nordic - 1k

==Marseille Skills + Locations ==

Rich People

Francois Rabelais

(Report Art)

Da Vinci

(Report Large Creatures)


(Report Fossils)

Theology - 8k Handicrafts - 20k Pathology - 4k
English - 1k Art - 5k Unlock - 30k
Dutch - 1k Italian - 1k Mine Detection - 15k

Imperial Villa

General Montgomorency

(Report Large Creatures)

Duke Conde

(Report Birds)

Request Reinforcement - 5k Seasoning Trading - 4k
Ballistics - 25k Livestock Trading - 10k
Wining & Dining - 25k


Adventure GM Merchant GM Maritime GM
Observe - 2k Investment - 8k Aboardage - 2k
Archeology - 3k Sociability - 2k Repair - 4k
Bioglogy - 5k Storage - 8k Steering - 500

==Ragusa Skills + Locations ==

Rich People

Veronica Franco

==Venice Skills + Locations ==

Rich People


(report Fossils)


(Report Art)

Doge Estate (Giorgione)

(report Birds)

President Shylock

(report Historical Relics)

Casting - 12k Art trading - 50k Metal trading - 80k Crafts trading - 10k
Collection - 4k French - 1k Luxuries trading - 30k Dutch Language - 1k
Spanish - 1k Art - 5k Alcohol trading - 8k


Adventure GM Merchant GM Maritime GM
Ecological Research - 3k Cooking - 10k Repair - 8k
Recognition - 3k Caution - 2k Gunfire - 5k
Treasure Appraisal - 3k Sociability - 2k Greek Language - 6k

==Genoa + Locations==

Rich People

Cooking - 10k
Sewing - 10k


Adventure GM Merchant GM Maritime GM
Geography - 5k Caution - 2k Rowing - 5k
Procurement- 6k Investment - 8k Lookout - 1k
Rescue - 8k Arabic - 10k English - 1k

==Pisa + Locations==

Rich People

Geography - 5k
First Aid - 2k
Merchandise - 250k

==Calvi + Locations==


==Siracusa + Locations==

Rich People

Prince Jem

( Report Plants )

Latin - 10k
Turkish - 10k

==Ancona + Locations==


==Candia+ Locations==


==Athens+ Locations==

(must speek greek)

Rich People


( Report Marine Life )

La Valette

( Report Small Creature )

Slavic - 4k Sword Play - 8k
Salvage - 8k Assult - 30k
Tactics 10k


Adventure GM Merchant GM Maritime GM
Archeology - 3k Investment - 8k Lookout - 1k
Rescue - 8k Storage - 8k Arabic - 10k
Trap - 250k Art Trading - 50k

==Lisbon + Locatins==

Rich People

President Baldi Nzing Mbemba Admiral Dias
Mineral Trading - 8k Collection - 4k Surveying - 4k
Food Trading - 7k Fishing - 3k Rowing - 5k
Italian - 1k Swahili - 10k Spanish - 1k


Adventure GM Merchant GM Maritime GM
Biology - 5k Sundries Trading - 3k Repair - 8k
Recognition - 3k Investment - 8k Lookout - 1k
Treasure Apraisal - 3k Socialability - 2k Request Reinforcement - 5k

==Antwerp + Locations==

Rich People

Queen Consort Maria
Art - 5k
Slavic - 10k

==Amsterdam + Locations==

Rich People

Bicker Company House Eramus Estate Mercator
Weapon Trading - 15k Theology - 8k Geography - 5k
Wares Trading - 7.5k English - 1k Surveying - 8k
Fishing - 3k Archaeology - 3k Portuguese - 1k


Adventure GM Merchant GM Maritime GM
Observe - 2k Textile Trading - 10k Swordplay- 8k
Biology - 5k Cooking - 10k Rowing - 5k
Recognition - 3k Storage - 8k German - 1k

==Valencia + Locations=

Vesalius Estate

Surgery - 60k
Eradication - 3k

==Istanbul + Locations=

Rossana Estate


( Report Historical Relics )

Persuasion - 30k

Kara Mehmed Estate

Kara Mehmet

( Report Religius Relics )

Biology - 5k

==Cabala, South America Skills + Locations ==


Working on making this more user friendly then a big long list. If you add to this list the tables are based on 150 pixels per skill teacher in the town -Yousei-