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File:Shipimage.pngSome text about the ship

Ship-Name Type UI-Cash UI-Ship Durability Sailing Requirements Basic performance Hold Information Ship Parts Remarks
UI-Class Adventure Level UI-Class Trade Level UI-Class Battle Level UI-Ship Vertical Sail UI-Ship Horizontal Sail UI-Ship Rowing Power UI-Ship Turning Speed UI-Ship Wave Resistance UI-Ship Armour UI-Ship Sailors UI-Ship Cannon Chambers UI-Ship Cargo Hold UI-Ship Studding Sail UI-Ship Figurehead UI-Ship Crest UI-Ship Special Equipment UI-Ship Extra Armouring UI-Ship Broadside UI-Ship Stern Turret UI-Ship Bow Turret
Heavy Carrack Heavy 3,000,000 Ð 470 0 14 31 180 90 - 8 6 24 50/120 48 492 4 1 1 2 3 4 1 1 -
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