Can be bought throughout the world to enhance the performance of your ship

Standard Parts

  1. Sails
  2. Armour
  3. Cannons

Special Parts

  1. Figureheads can be bought at various locations throughout the world and will add a passive bonus to your ship, different ones have different costs and bonuses. Will also help to customize your ship by changing the outer appearance of it Here is a link to a page with all the different types of figure heads and working on adding all the locations can they can be found.
  2. Crests can be bought at various locations throughout the world and give your ship a different appearance, allows for a more customized ship and if you have the right dye kit you can even dye the crest to match your ship.
  3. Special equipment can be bought at the shipyard and includes equipment like the battering ram and other items that help you in battle      
    • Ram enables you to ram into the ships that you are in battle with are bought at the shipyard. Each ram has different bonuses.
    •  Corvus enables you to start a melee battle easier
    • Sterncastle makes it harder for you vessel to be boarded during melee battle

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