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Name: Ruins of ancient Mesopotamia No Expiration
Contract Location: Reward:
Aden Adventure Guild
Attrib price 96,000 Ð
Advance 0 Ð
Quest Details: Difficulty:

You discovered the ruins of ancient Mesopotamian city, and it now appears that a fresco has been found there.
First go speak to the archaeologist waiting at Basra.

Required Skill(s):
Required Fame:
Attrib fame1Type adventure 0 Attrib fame1Type trade 0 Attrib fame1Type battle 0
Step 1 - To Basra again:
[Basra Travelling Archaeologist] 

According to the town official the walls depict vehicles of some kind. But from my own research I have started to think that maybe these are battle chariots created by the Sumerians. Could you get the details from the town official and then investigate the site itself?

Step 2 - Official's request:
[Basra City Official] 

You're the adventurer that discovered Ur, aren't you. A wall depicting some sort of vehicle was discovered by a youth when he sneaked into the ruins. If you are going to investigate, talk to him first.

Step 3 - Youthful spirit of adventure:
[Basra Young Man] 

You want to see the wall I found? I was exploring the ruins of that Ur place and just stumbled over it. Just search the walls carefully and you'll find it too. I guess this makes me a great adventurer, huh!

Final Step - Relic of the Sumerians:
[Search inside Ur ruins]

A wall showing vehicles apparently used in ancient Mesopotamia has been found in Ur. Search the walls of the ruins carefully.

Rewards for Completion:
EXPType adventure 150 Attrib fame1Type adventure 75

Discovered: Sumerian Chariot - EXPType adventure 360
Acquired Discovery card - EXPType adventure 180


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