Talking to the "Receptionist" at the "Maritime Academy"

(Conversation - what you will learn. The example is given for Trade.)

Talk to the Receptionist so you can enroll in the Maritime Academy.


Welcome. We teach the skills needed for life at sea. I recommend that all newcomers enroll. Would you like to try it for yourself? Excellent. Which Job would you like to learn? (Choose a course, according to the Job you selected when you built your character). Adventure, Trade or Maritime.

You'd like to learn about Trade here, correct? Please take your Student Uniform and Regulation Cap.

Obtained Uniform

Obtained Regulation Cap

Intro to Surveying Book (this is in your "equipment", under "character". Don't know when you received this.)

The Uniform and Regulation Cap I handed you can be worn by Academy Students.

If you change your title, under Character Information (n the upper right corner) to Student, you will be able to equip the uniform and regulation cap. Also note, later you will recieve the gloves and shoes that you will need to equip at that time. Each of these items come with a value for Formality, Disguise, Attack, & Defense, which is greater than your standard clothing at this time. This will give you more power and protection during your quests as a student.

Study well, and you will soon be a real sailor.

See the "Helper" standing near the Reception desk? Follow the "Hidden "Helper Quest" Bonus for a tour around the town, and additional items. This will make for a great opportunity to practice your mouse operation.
See the "Level Supporter" in the center of the floor? Be sure to stop by and talk with her. You will receive gifts if you follow here instructions.

Oh, I almost forgot. Whenever you need to come into the School, just talk to the Doorkeeper.

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