Ship Details Ship Stats

Ship Skills:

Type adventure Type trade Type battle
52 21 77
UI-Ship Vertical Sail UI-Ship Horizontal Sail UI-Ship Rowing Power Type durability
175 285 0 735
UI-Ship Turning Speed UI-Ship Wave Resistance UI-Ship Armour
11 9 37
UI-Ship Sailors UI-Ship Cannon Chambers UI-Ship Cargo Hold
38/95 64 394
UI-Ship Studding Sail UI-Ship Figurehead UI-Ship Crest
3 1 1
UI-Ship Special Equipment UI-Ship Extra Armouring UI-Ship Broadside
2 3 64
UI-Ship Stern Turret UI-Ship Bow Turret
1 1

Hull (If Applicable) City Price Investment Required Development Required
[[File:{{{Hull}}}.png|link= {{{Hull}}}]] [[File:{{{City1}}}_Icon.png|link= {{{City1}}}]] Price{{{Price1}}} Price{{{Ducats1}}} {{{Dev1}}}

City Price Material Skill shipbuilding Hull
Plymouth 47,580,000 Iron-plated Paneling 20 Special Large 2 decked hull

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