These quests allow you to change to merchant class jobs.


Job Location Quest Required
All beginner merchant jobs All major cities The Merchant Guild's Predicament Skill accounts Rank 1 UI-Class Trade Fame 500, local language
  • First job from the guild (trader learner only?)
  • School quests


Job Location Quest Requirements
Chef Stockholm Procure Food for Soldiers

Skill Cooking Rank 5 UI-Class Trade Fame 3000 Skill nordic

Trade Merchant Marseille Procure Food for the Navy Skill Cooking Rank 12 Skill French


Job Location Quest Requirements
Alchemist Alexandria

Fostering the Art of Alchemy

Learning from Paracelsus

Arms Dealer Marseille Da Vinci's Research 5 Casting, English
Art Dealer Santo Domingo Crafts of the New World 5 Crafts Trading, English
Artificer Venice


The Chance to Show the Skill

Artisan Venice Founding Ceremony
Blacksmith London A Message 13 Casting English
Caravanner Alexandria Caravan's Instinct
Jeweller Calicut Sapphires to Europe 5 Jewellry Trading
Master Alchemist Venice Advanced Alchemist's Title
Merchant Mentor Genoa Outline of trade course teaching
Money Trader Santo Domingo Silver from the New World
Patissier Lisbon

A lovely sweetshop

Carlotta Makes Up Her Mind

Portuguese, Cooking 10

Portuguese, Cooking 12

Political Merchant Seville Bargain and Trade
Sommelier Marseille

The Depths of the Wines of the World

Daily-advancing technologies

Spice Trader Calicut Spices to Europe
Tailor Marseille

Dream of the Noblewomen

Royal Warrant Craftsman


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