Beginner Jobs

Job Quest Name City Requirements
Jr. Officer,Mercenary,Brigand,Bodyguard and Military Learner

Intercept the privateer fleet

Seville(And other ports)

Intermediate Jobs

Job Quest Name City Requirements
Bounty Hunter

The Golden Stag

Privateer Privateering order Seville
Naval Officer Zealand Plunderer Fleet Or Diokytes London, Athens or

Expert Jobs

Job Quest Name City Requirements
Sword Master and Light Soldier

The pride of the swordfighter

Tactician and Shipwright

Latest tactics

Senior Officer Bacilias or Counterattack on the Baltic pirates Athens or Amsterdam or
Cannoneer Co-writing with the technician Marseilles
Pirate The councillor's request Amsterdam
Swordfighter Fierce warriors of Mohenjo-Daro Calicut
Scout The first step to defeating pirates Seville
Supply Corps The courier who got involved Lisbon
Musketeer Summons from musketeers Marseilles
Guardian The life saving corps Seville
Maritime Mentor Outline of maritime course teaching Genoa
Filibuster Fear's call and Devil's progeny Santo Domingo

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