Name: Protective charm from ancient Egypt No Expiration
Contract Location: Reward:
Attrib price 14,000 Ð
Advance 0 Ð
Discovery Cornflowers

Quest Details: Difficulty:

Have u heard that there is a flower in Egypt with a pure pedigree? In ancient times, the pharaoh supposedly wore it on his chest to ward off evil. Well, I'd like you to investigate it.
Since it's about Egypt, maybe you should ask around in Cairo.

Required Skill(s):

Required Fame:
Attrib fame1Type adventure 0 Attrib fame1Type trade 0 Attrib fame1Type battle 0

Step 1 - Flower that wards off evil:
[Cairo] - talk to Rest House Master

Oh, the arrow-wheel chrysanthemum? In ancient Egypt, blue flowers were said to keep evil spirits away. They stick them into mummified pharaohs and so on. A few of them grow near the Nile river, but if you want to find one quickly, go to Famagusta. The people at the tavern should show you a place.

Step 2 - Healing flower:
[Famagusta Tavern] - talk to Barkeep

A place with arrow-wheel chrysanthemums? I'll show you the perfect place. Go out the gates, and directly south. The best ones grow at the edges. The chrysanthemum was used in Greek myths to heal centaurs, so anyone who sees them picks them right away.

Final Step - Where cornflower grows:
[West Famagusta] - in southeastern corner

The plant used in ancient Egypt to keep spirits at bay is known as the arrow-wheel chrysanthemum. It was also used as a healing plant in Greek Mythology. Go to the outside of Famagusta, as the landlord directed, directly to the south of the gates, and search in the corners.

Rewards for Completion:

Quest discovery: EXPType adventure 80
Discovery card: EXPType adventure 40
Quest report: EXPType adventure 130 Attrib fame1Type adventure 130
Quest reward:


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