The update on July 27, 2011 introduces the farms. "There are many Islands that can be obtained as your private production hub. With your private farm, you can yield various production lines on your own. In order to have one, you need to explore the ocean to discover the suitable island, and simply declare the “possession.” Same as the apartment system, all characters are eligible to own private farm." Although it says many, several is probably a better word. There are 4 known islands.

Private farms are the private property of the character, and each character can have only one farm. You do not need a port permit for the area the farm is in. It is rumored that people can also work together to build a farm. You can develop once a day (same as quarters), and the output is calculated once a day. You can restore vigour (but not fatigue) by resting at the island, and supplies can be replenished for free in port. You can change the location of your farm, but if you do you will need to start over, there are no costs involved in moving, and once you confirm that you want to move, you will be moved immediately. When you first claim a farm, 30 days will be added to your number of days sailing, and the number of days is not affected by docking at a farm (same as landings). No skills are required to manage a farm. A farm will not produce without development. In private farms, you can develop a total of 14 facilities. Development can be done either from the bank or at the farm. The amount of development increases with the total level of the player. The formula is 15 + (total level / 30). Round the answer down. If you develop from the bank you only get 80 percent of the development, as with your quarters.

Island Names Waters Coordinate Farmland Vein Fishing Pasture
Facility Dev. Facility Dev. Facility Dev. Facility Dev.
Ascension Island Off the Gold Coast 16182,5044 Five 75 Four 75 Five 75 Four 75
Abidjan south, being found geographic queries
Diego Garcia Central Indian Ocean 3315,5004 Five 100 Five 50 Four 75 Four 75
Kozhikode South, the southernmost Chagos Archipelago
Saint Lucia Island Southern Caribbean 13721,4240 Six 50 Three 100 Five 75 Four 75
Three south of San Juan Islands
Savaii * 1 Samoa Basin 8520,5250 Four 50 Three 100 Five 100 Six 50
Northeast New Zealand, far east Samarai
Chuginadak? East Bering Sea 8695, 2401 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Southwest Alaska, last island of the Aleutian Islands

Be sure to choose wisely, as location matters. The GameDB wiki has a lot more info, so be sure to check it out. Also, if you have trouble reading it translated into english, try several translation engines and put together the results. That should give you a clearer picture. Google Translate is the best, but the others add different bits of information that Google is not clear on. I wasn't able to get Yahoo Babelfish to translate it, but Bing Translator worked great.

There are several pages on the internet describing them.

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