Pets are creature that can be placed in your quarters. To obtain a pet, you must first obtain the pet deed. After getting that you'll have to find a Trainer. Once found interact with the Trainer and click "change pet" then click on the pet you wish to exchange.

Pet Toy Collection

This item can be used at sea when the pet wants to play. Increases Intimacy (Attrib intimacy) of your pet.

Lv req. Recipe name Ingredient(s) Product
Skill handicrafts 3 1. Making Pet Toys
Method of making toys for pets to play with.

Pet Overview

Pet Attrib quarters Quest Food Support skills
1 The tale of a cat from the city of water
Area Scouting
1 [[:]]
Tarsier 1 ??? Live prey (cricket) Pet plundering land Pet plundering sea
[[:]] [[]] [[:]][[:]][[:]]