Skill observe Observe
Spot areas that require more attention.
The area will glow when approached.
Attrib-vigour 5 Max. Rank 1
Acquisition requirements:
LvType adventure 1 LvType trade - LvType battle -

Additional info:

It will show short pillar of yellow light if you use in right area.
Only usable when have related Adventure quest.

If you have an item of discovery map, click on the map to use it.
The light only show in right area.

Related Item(s):

Type consumables Consumables:


Name Acquireable Skills Report Others
Adventure GM
Adventurer's Guild
Flag spain Seville

- Adventure Quest -

Adventure GM
Flag france Marseilles

- Adventure Quest -

Adventure GM
Adventurer's Guild
Flag netherlands Amsterdam

- Adventure Quest -


Type adventure
Type trade
Type battle