EngbgEngland is a small island country to the north for whom wool is the key industry.

However, the wool market became unstable because of the Spanish political meddling in The Netherlands, which is England's biggest trading partner.
The wool trade decreased, and a heavy recession ensued.
The Queen wishes to repair the situation, but there is no method to compete with the powerful nation of the Spanish Kingdom..

The following cities are under control by England:

Information taken from the UWO website:

The wool industry has traditionally been an important element of England's economy.
Recently, the problem in The Netherlands, a major exporting country, has become unstable, leading to economic problems for England due to a drastic reduction of its wool exports.
On the streets of a London suffering from a long recession, you are in a danger of being arrested by Count Killingrue, a powerful courtier at the palace, for buying a pirate's stolen goods.
The person who helps you is Lyza Middleton, the daughter of an elite English family and a female officer in the English Royal Navy.