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Nanban Trade

=Requirements =

East Asia Port Authorisation., A ship with large cargo and/or an Aide ship., And a Computer to play UWO on.


Permit for Nanban Trade

Apply for permit for Nanban Trade. Result depends on back stock and if the good is a local specialty.
Back stock can be confirmed with the Nanban Trade Merchant.

South China - MacauCity Official Taiwan - Tamsui City Official

Korea - PohangCity Official Japan - Nagasaki City Official

Requires 1,000 Gift Points


Contribution Rate - South China

Macau Macau : 0
Quanzhou Quanzhou 1 : 10,000
Hangzhou Hangzhou 6 : 20,000
Yuntaishan Yuntaishan : 30,000
Luo han guo Luo han guo 1 : 31,000
Wuxu Porcelain Wuxu Porcelain 1 : 33,000
Gumo Ink Gumo Ink 2 : 37,000
Huzhou Brush Huzhou Brush 1 : 40,000
Chongqing Chongqing : 40,000
Mianzhu nian hua Mianzhu nian hua 1 : 44,000

Culture Area Contribution Rate - Taiwan

Tamsui Tamsui 12 : 0
Anping Anping 2 : 20,000
Orange Daylily Orange Daylily 1 : 26,000
Water Caltrop Water Caltrop 3 : 46,000

Culture Area Contribution Rate - Korea

Pohang Pohang 2 : 0
Hanyang Hanyang 3 : 5,000
Yangzhou Chestnut Yangzhou Chestnut : 32,000
Korean Black Raspberry Korean Black Raspberry : 37,000
Busan Busan : 40,000
Korean Cactus Korean Cactus : 43,000

Culture Area Contribution Rate - Japan

Nagasaki Nagasaki : 0
Sakai Sakai 7 : 5,000
Soft Rush Soft Rush : 34,000
Edo Edo 54 : 40,000
Paper lantern Paper lantern : 43,000
Saori Saori : 45,000

. Town Status

Macau - Near Guangzhou / Near Yongzhou / Near Changsa
Hangzhou - Near Wuhan / Near Hefei / Near Nanjing
Quanzhou - Near Fuzhou / Near Xiamen / Near Nanchang
Yuntaisha - Near Huaibei / Near Beijing / Near Luoyang
Chongqing - Near Chengdu / Near Mianyang / Near Xi'an

Anping - Southern Islands / Southern Mountains
Tamsui - Northern Islands / Northern Coast

Hanyang - North Hwanghae / South Pyongan / South Hwanghae
Busan - South Gyeongsang / South Jeolla / North Jeolla
Pohang - Gangwon / North Chungcheong / North Gyeongsang

Nagasaki - Satsuma / Okuma / Hyuga
Sakai - Omi / Harima / Owari
Edo - Mikawa / Kai / Musashi


Normal : "This town has been very stable. The only fear is of natural disasters."

"There is violence in the air. It's as if a war could break out at any moment."
War War : "Apparently there was a war in XXX. First aid supplies should be seeing an increase in sales."
Bonus Bonus : Medicine / Fibres / Arms

"The sanitation here is poor. The plague is at our doorstep."
Plague Plague : "Word is the plague broke out in XXX. Be sure to eat well and maintain your strength."

Bonus : Foodstuffs / Livestock / Luxury Goods

Drought Drought : "XXX's field has been ruined by the drought. All crops might be affected..."

Bonus : Dyes / Fragrances / Spices

Flood Damage Flood Damage : "The river near XXX has flooded. The storehouse has been washed out."

Bonus : Precious Metals / Arms / Firearms

Cold Damage Cold Damage : "I hear they are struggling with cold-weather damage in XXX. I thought it was difficult to get crops here…"
Bonus Bonus : Foodstuffs / Seasonings / Luxury Goods

"Distribution is stagnating. If this continues, a recession is not far off."
Recession Recession : "Business is rough. It's hard moving luxury items in XXX…"

"The town is finally alive with activity. The economy will soon improve!"
Boom Boom : "This is a once in a lifetime economic boom! It seems XXX's falling prices have been effective. "

"Shipwrights have been gathering here lately. Something is on the horizon."
Build ship Special order Build ship Special order : "Shipwrights have been gathering due to large-scale naval upgrades in XXX!"

Bonus : Fibres / Fabrics / Wares

"There must be some festival going on. There is a jolly spirit all over town."
Festival Festival : "There's supposedly a big festival in XXX! I bet it's a good place to sell food and drinks."

Bonus : Alcohol/ Foodstuffs / Luxury Goods

UWODB's guide

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