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London - A town built by the Romans and originally known as fortress Londinium. It has prospered since the 11th century, and is now the heart of England. It trades a wealth of wool, as well as making remarkable strides in refining technology based on a background of mineral wealth from surrounding towns.

London is located in the Northern Europe port permit area, and is part of The British Isles cultural sphere. It is located in the Southern British Isles sea zone. It is a major port. Players who choose England as their nationality start at this port.

There is an Interpreter in the Square.

TavernMarketItem ShopCraft ShopShipyardPort (Harbour)BankChurchPort (Square)Royal PalaceMiddleton EstateChurchMaritime GuildAdventurer GuildMerchant GuildFountainCompany Administration OfficeSchool DoorkeeperPort {Commercial District)Port (Company District)ArchivesJohn Dee EstateShakespeare EstateDuckett Company HouseSquareQuarter DoorkeeperCarriage to OxfordLondon

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