UWO = Uncharted Waters Online
WTS = Want to sell
WTB = Want to buy
WTT = Want to trade
wc = wrong chat
brb = be right back
lol = laugh out loud
SEA = South-east Asia
EA = East Asia
NC = Netmarble Cash
SB = Shipbuilder
r = rank
m = million
k = thousand
b = billion
NPC = Non-player character
PC = Player character
IMO = In my opinion
IMHO = In my humble opinion
adv = adventure
lvl = level
PVP = Player versus Player
MK = Market Keeper
Dung = Dungeons
Prof = Proficiency
Imps = Imperial Quests
TB / Cash Box = Treasure Box
Blue Flag = Secret No = war Pact Epistle
Colo = Colosseum
Creds = Credits (Oxford stuff)
v = vertical sails
h = horizontal sails
FS = Freestyle (shipbuilding)
Otto = Ottoman
LZ = Land Zone
Mod = Modified
Co-shop = Company Shop
X def = (Usually) Improved defense
MA = Memorial Album


MSF = Modified Special Frigate
MFCV = Modified First Class Vaisseau
MAV = Modified Armoured Vaisseau
CLR = Custom La Royale
MTC = Modified Tea Clipper
CTG = Custom Turkish Galley
CLC = Custom Large Clipper
BTC = Big Trading Clipper/Carrack
LTC = Large Transport Clipper
BTS = Big Trading/Transport Schooner
TLG = Trading Large Galleon
AOG = Assault Ottoman Galley
TOG = Transport Ottoman Galley
TG = Trading Galleon/Turkish Galley/Trading Galley
MAG = Modified Arabian Galley
MCG = Modified Cruise Galleon
CLC = Custom Large Clipper
FLR = Festive La Roy-ale
FLC = Festive Large Clipper
ETC = Expedition Tea Clipper
AFCV = Ambush First Class Vaisseau
MS = Modified Sloop
MF = Modified Frigate
MTLC = Modified Transport Large Clipper
MLC = Modified Light Clipper
CCG = Custom Commander's Galley
MSLC = Modified Survey Large Clipper
MNG = Modified Nordic Galleon
MI = Modified Indiaman
FI = Festive Indiaman
CMC = Custom Merchant Carrack
MBG = Modified Battle Galley
CCS = Custom Commander Sambuk
BTS = Big Trading Schooner
LSC = Large Survey Clipper
TC = Trading Clipper
MLS = Modified Long Schooner
MLR = Modified La Re ale
CS = Custom Schooner
CCS = Custom Commander's Corvette
MMG = Modified Manila Galleon
GC = Grand Cayaman (kinda confusing, but usually you'll figure it out)
FBTC = Festive Big Trading Clipper


MCT = Master Craftsmen Tools
QMP = Quest Meditation Permit
PA = Patriot Award
PO = Purchase Order
SSBP = Special Shipbuilding Permit
OSP = Original Ship Permit
AOS = Amulet of Sun
SWMP = Shipwreck map piece
SQMP = Special quest Mediation Permit
MST = Master Smithy Tools (Repairs durability of Weapons)
MTT = Master Tailoring Tools (Repairs durability of Armour and etc.)
Prem Ticks = Premium Tickets
PLB = Processed Lumber Book
AOL = Armour of Light
DSS = Delphin Storm Sail
DGS = Delphin Gaff Sail
SSB = Secrets of Ship Building
SW = Shipwreck
Frag = Fragarach
Excal = Excalibur
HASC = Heavy Armoured Stern Castle
Oints = Ointments
Meds = Healing Medications(for land battle)
GC = General Cloak


Arch = Archaeology
Bio = Biology
Eco = Ecological Research
Recog = Recognition
Geo = Geology
Appa = Appraisal
Theo = Theology
Cast = Casting
Sew = Sewing
Handi = Handicraft
Pene = Penetration
Navi = Navigation
SP = Swordplay
SM = Sword mastery
Proc = Procurement

r = Ready and set to go!
c = All the chests have been opened and room is clear

Battle and Mocks

r /r+ /++ = repair
s /ss/s+ = Surgery
1-2 = Will use withdrawal bell and come out of melee in 1-2 rounds


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