A list of abbreviations


Abbreviations Meaning
UWO Uncharted Waters Online
WTS Want to sell
WTB Want to buy
WTT Want to trade
LF / lf Looking for (usually SB)
WTH Want to hire
wc wrong chat
brb be right back
lol laugh out loud
r rank
m million
k thousand
b billion
adv adventure
lvl level
prof Proficiency
v vertical sails
h horizontal sails
BC Battle Campaign
BH Bounty Hunters
Blue Flag Secret no-war pact epistle
Bord Bordeaux
CA Community Advisor
CC Cultural Contribution
Co-shop Company Shop
Colo Colosseum
Creds Credits (Oxford stuff)
DB Deck Battle
DK Doorkeeper
EA East Asia
ESF Epic sea feud
EIB Epic investment battle
FC (CC*) Florence Contribution (Crafting/Craftsman's Contribution*)
Fili Filibuster
FL Friend List
FS Freestyle (shipbuilding)
FSD Fort San Domingo
GM Guild Master

Game Master

GS Great Success
HE Historical Event
H-ESF / HESF Historical Epic Sea Feud
IMO In my opinion
IMHO In my humble opinion
IQ Imperial Quest
LB Land Battle
LZ / LP Land Zone / Landing Point
MA Memorial Album
MK Market Keeper
MT / mari Maritime
NPC Nanban Purveyor Certificate

Non-Player Character

NC / Astro / UWC Netmarble Coins (Netmarble)

Astro (OGP)
Uncharted Waters Cash (Papaya Play)

Otto Ottoman
Mod Modified
PA Patriot Award
PC / pc Price Check
PvE Player versus environment
PK Player Killing
PO 1, 2, 3, or 4 Purchase Order
PO Pillage Order

Port Official

PvP Player vs Player
RC Roman Coins
rr red ring
SB Shipbuilder
SEA Southeast Asia
SY Shipyard
WC World Chat
w/c or wc Wrong Chat

Ship Abbreviations

Abbreviations Ship name
AATS Ambushed Armored Turtle Ship

Assault Armoured Turtle Ship

AB Advanced Beagle
ACC Augmented Cargo Clipper
AE Advanced Endeavour
AFCV Ambush First Class Vaisseau
AI Armed Indiamen
ALA Assault Large Atakebune
AOG Assault Ottoman Galley
ARG Ambush Roman Galley
AS Armed Schooner
ATS Armoured Turtle Ship
AV Armoured Vaisseau

Ambush Vaisseau

BTC Big Trading Clipper

Big Trading Carrack

BTS Big Trading Schooner
CAA Custom Ambush Atakebune
CC Commander's Corvette
CCC Custom Commander's Corvette

Custom Commander's Caravel

CCG Custom Commander's Galley
CCS Custom Commander's Sambuk
CDZ Ceremonial De Zeven
CE Cruise Endeavour
CFC Ceremonial Flying Cloud
CFCV Ceremonial First Class Vaisseau
CG Commander's Galley
CHC Commander's Heavy Caravel
CLC Cruise Light Clipper
CLgC (CLC also) Custom Large Clipper
CLMS Custom Long Merchant Schooner
CLR Custom La Royale
CNM Cruising Nippon Mae
CRG Custom Roman Galley
CRHC Custom Refitted Heavy Carrack
CSM Ceremonial Santa Maria
CSTS Custom Stacked Turtle Ship
CSHM Celebratory Survey Halve Maen
CTC Custom Trading Clipper

Cruising Tea Clipper

CTG Custom Turkish Galley
CS Commander's Sambuk
CV Custom Vaisseau
ETC Expedition Trading Clipper
ETeaC Expedition Tea Clipper
FATS Festive Armored Turtle Ship
FC Flying Cloud
FCFV First Class Flagship Vaisseau
FCV First Class Vaisseau
FFCV Festive First Clas Vaisseau
FG Flanders Galley
FHK Festive Higaki-Kaisen
FI Festive Indiamen
FIS Festive Ironsides
FLC Festive Large Clipper
FLFS Festive Large Fu Ship
FLR Festive La Royale
FT Festive Tarukaisen
HG Heavy Galleass
HK Higaki-Kaisen
HSFCV High Speed First Class Vaisseau
ILFS Improved Large Fu Ship
IS Ironsides
ISF Improved San Felipe
LA Large Atakebune
LEFS Large Expedition Fu Ship
LFS Large Fu Ship
LLM Light La Mort
LMS Long Merchant Schooner
LR La Reale

La Royale

LS Long Schooner
LTC Large Transport Clipper
MAG Modified Arabian Galley
MAV Modified Armoured Vaisseau
MB Modified Bucentaur

Modified Beagle

MBS Memorial Battle Sloop

Modified Bermuda Sloop

ME Modified Endeavour
MEB Modified Emigrant Barque
MF Modified Frigate
MFCV Modified First Class Vaisseau
MG Manila Galleon
MHAX Modified Highly Agile Xebec
MHG Modified Heavy Galleass
MHK Modified Higaki-Kaisen
MKW Modified Korean Warship
MI Modified Indiamen
MIS Modified Ironsides
MLA Modified Large Atakebune
MLR Modified La Reale
MLS Modified Long Schooner
MLTS Modified Large Trading Schooner
MMG Modified Manila Galleon
MNG Modified Nordic Galleon
MQ Medical Quebec
MR / MReal Modified Real
MRHC Modified Refitted Heavy Carrack
MS Modified Surprise

Modified Sloop

MSC Modified Survery Clipper
MSG Modified San Gabriel
MSpecF Modified Special Frigate
MSupF Modified Super Frigate
MSLC Modified Survey Large Clipper
MSR Modified Soleil Royal
MSTS Modified Stacked Turtle Ship
MSSX Modified Square Sail Xebec
MT Modified Tarukaisen
MTC Modified Trading Clipper
MTC Modified Tea Clipper
MTLC Modified Transport Large Clipper
MVG Modified Venetian Galleass
NL Nordic Love
RB Refitted Beagle
RBTC Refitted Big Trading Clipper
RF Royal Frigate
RG Roman Galley
RHC Refitted Heavy Carrack
RHG Refitted Heavy Galleass
RLS Refitted Long Schooner
ROG Refitted Ottoman Galeass
RR / RReal Refitted Real
RSR Refitted Soleil Royal
RT Refitted Thermopylae
RVG Refitted Venetian Galleass
RWJ Refitted Windjammer
SF Survey Frigate
SG San Gabriel
SNG Shadow Neapolitan Galleass
SR Soleil Royal
TC Trading Clipper
TFC Transport Flying Cloud
TG Trading Galleon

Turkish Galley

TLG Trading Large Galleon
VG Venetian Galleass
WJ Windjammer


Abbreviation Meaning
Arch Archaeology
Bio Biology
Eco Ecological Research
Recog Recognition
Geo Geology
Appr Appraisal
Theo Theology
Cast Casting
Sew Sewing
Handi Handicraft
MK Merchandise Knowledge
Navi Navigation
Pene Penetration
SP Swordplay
SM Sword mastery
Proc Procurement

Items/Ship Parts

Abbreviations Meaning
CEDT Change Expedition Destination Ticket
CFA Ceasefire Agreement
CTT Custom Tailoring Tools
DGaff Delphin Gaff Sail
DStorm / DSail Delphin Storm Sail
ESBR Emergency Shipbuilding Request
ESBT Expedition ship boarding ticket
HASC Heavily Armoured Sterncastle
HM / Head Med Headache Medicine
ILES Improved Large Extra Spanker
LCCT Legendary Craftsman's Carpentry Tools
LSS Large Storm Sail
LSWMP Large Shipwreck Map Piece
MCCT Master craftsman's carpentry tools
MFRS Modified Full Rigged Sail / Main Full Rigged Sail
MST Master Smithy Tools
MTT Master Tailoring Tools
NNPB New Nanban Permit Bill
OSP Original Shipbuilding Permit
QMP Quest Mediation Permit
RSBT Relief Ship Boarding Ticket
RIB Request Investment Book
SQMP Special Quest Mediation Permit
SSB Special Shipbuilding Book
SSBT Special Ship Boarding Ticket
SSIP Special Shipbuilding Improvement Permit
SWMP Shipwreck Map Piece
TOS Tuna Olive Steak
VoC Vintage of the Covenant

Ship/Aide skills

Abbreviations Meaning
APN Attack prevention net
BPA Bullet-proof armouring
CP Command Post
CSD Chain Shot defense
DHP Direct Hit Prevention
DSD Double shot defense
EA Emergency Acceleration
EMB Evade Melee Battle
HB Heavy Bombing
HL High Lookout
IGP Improved Gun Port
ISM Improved sea mine
NSD Normal Shot Defense (Same as SSD)
NTP Nanban Trade Preference
RSM Roaring sea mine
SSD Single shot defense
SSM Special sea mine
SMR Sea mine removal
WMB Welcome Melee Battle
WRM Wind-resistant mast


Abbreviations Meaning
r Ready and set to go!
c All the chests have been opened and room is clear

Battle and Mocks

Abbreviations Meaning
r /r+ /++ repair
s /ss/s+ Surgery
1-2 Will use withdrawal bell and come out of melee in 1-2 rounds