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Lisbon - An old town built by Phoenicians. It under went great development while controlled by the Islamic movement, and has prospered as an important port. Thought to be the most beautiful town in Western Europe. It manufactures high quality ceramics.

Lisbon is located in the Western Europe region, and is and is unlocked by the North Atlantic Ocean Port Permit. It is located on the Lisbon waters sea zone, and is part of the Iberian cultural sphere. It is a major city. Lisbon is the starting city for players that choose Portugal as their nationality.

ShipyardCraft ShopBankPort (Harbour)Port (Company District)School DoorkeeperCompany Administration OfficeChurchFountainDoorkeeperTavernPort (Square)Maritime GuildMerchant GuildAdventurer GuildItem ShopMarketPort (Commercial District)ArchivesSarmiento Company HouseRoyal PalaceNzinga Mbemba EstateAdmiral Dias EstatePresident Baldi EstateLisbon

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