Rank Cost Book Title Bought in
5-8 Africa - India dictionary making (Shipwreck)
1-4 European dictionary making (Shipwreck)
1 Making Islamic translation notes Istanbul Scholar(Town's mans Recipe)
10 Making Austronesian dictionary South East Asia scholar(Town's mans recipe)
9 Making American dictionary Nation Caribbean port scholar(Town's mans recipe)
8 Making Indian Ocean dictionary Hormuz -Ali Reis(Town's mans recipe)
7 Making Altaic dictionary Istanbul - Kara Mehmet(Town's mans Recipe)
6 Making Hamito-Semetic dictionary Muscat - al Ghawri(Town's mans Recipe)
5 Making African dictionary Lisbon - Nzinga Mbemba(Town's mans Recipe,Saint Georges - Nzinga Nkuwa(Town's mans Recipe)
4 Making Celtic dictionary London - Shakespeare(Town's mans Recipe)
3 Making E. European dictionary Ragusa - Veronica Franco, Athens - Scholar(Town's mans Recipe)
2 Making Romance dictionary Seville - Tome Pires, Naples - Thomas Campanera, Syracuse - Prince Jem(Town's mans Recipe)
1 Making Germanic dictionary Amsterdam - Erasmus, Hamburg - Martin Luther, Lubeck - Durer(Town's mans Recipe)
Rank Cost Book Title Bought in

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