Level Un-Capping



'Requirements: 'Level 56+ Trade || 'East Coast Latin America port permit || 'the 5 jewelery items.

Go to Calicut, and speak with the millionaire in the square. (I suggest collecting all the items first and then going to Calicut).  He's going to ask you for 5 (five) peices of jewelry including: Amber Hair Ornament, Agate Earrings, Jade Ring, Diamond Necklace, and Turquoise Brooch. 

Jewellery List and Amount of Investment and Price per Port:

1. Turquoise brooch - Hormuz - 120k - 6 million

2. Jade ring - Carrib Territory - 200k - 7 million

3. Amber hair accessories - Riga - 120k - 5 million

4. Agate earrings - Jamaica - 120k - 4 million

5. Diamond necklace - Cape Town - 180k - 11 million

Quest Script:

Millionaire - "Go and see Wife and find out what she wants for her birthday"

Wife (Behind English Consul very low to the water) - "Doesn't know"

Millionaire - "You come up with something"

Go to Port (Seafarer) - "Pirates have sunken the ships bringing goods"

Millionaire - "What am I to do" then suggests you go and get the goods.

Go to Port after given the Jewellery List, then return to Wife.

Wife - Refuses Gift

Millionaire (and Wife) - Philosophical Chit Chat (The two of them keep the goods anyway)


Go to one of the following places and speak to one of the following people when you get a summons by an important figure upon porting in an East Asian port.

For China:  Dadudufu in Chongqing

For Japan:  Date in Edo

For Korea:  Yi Sun-sin in Busan

For Taiwan:  Chengtian Prefecture in Anping


For this uncap you'll need 3 (three) crafting items.  They can all be the same. (ex. lumber)  Take them to any craftman and "Share Information".

After you've "Shared Information, go to Florence (off of Pisa) and speak with Lorenzo de'Medici.



These are the 5 quests you need to do to go past the level 60 cap in adventure.

-A Culture Without Water. 8 Star. R5 Rec, R5 Arch, Mayan. This one is not repeatable Out of London, Seville, Lisbon, or Amsterdam. Discovers Chichen Itza (Historic Site) Prequest: At the End of the Caribbean, out of Santo Domingo. 6 star, r4 Rec, r6 Geo, Spanish. Discovers Yucatan Peninsula (geography).

-Droplet of the Aurora. 7 Star. R6 Search, R8 App, R6 Unlock. Out of Portobello. Discovers Aurora Drops (Treasure)

-Bard Standing On Water (mistranslation of bird). 5 Star. R4 Eco, R6 Bio, Mayan. Out of Rio de Janeiro. Discovers Pheasant-tailed Jacana (Birds)

-El Paso. 9 Star. Rec 9, Geo 11, Portuguese. Out of Seville. Discovers The Straits of Magellen (Geography)

-Aztec God of Night. 7 Star. Search 6, Theology 8, Unlock 6. Out of Portobello. Discovers The Statue of Tezcatlipoca (Religious Legacy)

After these, go to Lisbon. Go to the farthest East point of the city (up all the stairs and past the Informant) and talk to the Adventurer's Niece. She will talk a lot. When you get the the point that she just repeats herself go to the docks to trigger it to continue, then go back and talk to Adventurer's Niece again. Keep talking to her til it says you have attained the level 65 cap.


Talk to prefect Koxinga in Anping.




Need level 56+ maritime to start the cap quest.

Step 1: Talk to French Naval Officer in Marseille (near shipyard)

Step 2: Talk to Resident in Santo Domingo (north of square port official)

Step 3: Sail east of Portobelo. Engage enemy.

Step 4: Talk to Resident in Santo Domingo

Step 5: Sail North of Havana, engage enemy. Once you defeat the first fleet, another fleet will attack you immediately. The second fleet is a little tough, make sure you have enough supplies for two battles.

Step 6: Talk to Resident in Santo Domingo

Step 7: Talk to French naval Officer in Marseile


Go to Anping and talk to Koxinga. 65 cap lifted to 70


Go to the Colosseum in Rome. You need to complete one of Wallenstein's special missions.