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How to start a land battle

Click the NPC to approach, click on Battle Icon once the enemy is in range, and then attack the enemy by Double Clicking or Pressing SpaceBar. Sometimes the NPC will attack you first so beware.

Offensive/Healing Items and the weapon and tech used by NPC will depend on its lvl and location.

As the battle progresses, 2 gauge meters will start to fill up.

  • Tech Gauge - Indicated by the Sword bar at the top of the screen. It fills up by attacking the enemy. The numbers on the sword indicate how many times tech can be used.
  • Item Gauge - Indicated by the red bar on bottom right of the screen. It fills up as time passes. Each item has gauge cost and shares the same cooldown timer, meaning no other item can be used until the cooldown is complete.

NPCs may use healing items (i.e Ointment) to heal themself or offensive items ( i.e Throwing Knife, bombs) to harm you, so watch your health bar and heal using items if necessary.

Land Battling

There are also techniques (tech) that you can use in battle. These are obtained by defeating an opponent within 5-7 seconds after he used a technique with the same weapon type which you are using. At the start of the game there are 4 tech for each class you can learn from the start after that, your tech skills need to be rank 6+ to learn others. These are, Axe, Spear, Gun, Sword and Trap.

In combat I advise you to be in a Fleet as 1v1 may be dangerous since there's also ranged weapons to be used.

If you think that you can't battle anymore just run out of the circle but beware that the NPC's may throw something at you and you may die.

Useful Skills in land battle:

  • Swordplay - Increases Attack Power of Close Range Weapon
  • Sword Mastery - Increases Attack Rate and Damage of Close Range Weapon
  • Sniping - Increases Attack Rate of Guns and Bows

It is advisable to bring items with you to help in land battles. Items such as throwing axes aka francisca will do 70 dmg when used. Medical items can heal you from 50 hp to 300 hp and are a must-have for land battles. Both these item types can be made through the use of handicrafts, many of which require no bought ingredients, just a little patience with the collection skill.

For a list of usable items in land battles, see Category:Equipment.

What If I die

- You will lose about 10-15% of the money you have in your inventory. Keeping your money in the bank will prevent high losses.

- Your soldiers Fatigue will reset.

- You have a 15% chance of losing an item you are wearing. This Increases and Decreases depending on the lvl of the Dungeon.

- Your sailors will run away. The amount Depends on your First Aid Skill.

More info can be found in Land Battle

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