This page is a list of land areas

It is a work in progress which will eventually list all land areas (whether or not accessed from a city) in ascending order of the NPC enemies (mobs) in that area.  (C) denotes a land area accessed from inside a city.

How to edit:

In the table, if a land area is listed but the enemy levels are not, click in the box and type in the enemy levels found in that area.

If there is no listing for that area first select the area with enemies just above the one you are adding, right-click in the table and click on row > insert row before.  Put the name, region and level in the new row you created.  Region is the part of the port permit map on which the landing point or city can be found.

If you're not happy with editing, submit the data to me, Llewelyn, in game.

Land area table

Land area  Region Level
Africa North Coast Westren Europe 2-5
West Famagusta (C) Eastern Europe 6-8

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