(I am translating from another source and adding slight opinions after a month looking into school chats and questions asked relating to land battles. The Land battling article doesn't cover much details and I find it quite difficult to revamp, hence a new article, hopefully a better one too.)


Land Battle System is used in dungeon explorations, duels and outskirt battles. A few things you must know about Land Battles:

  • Retreating from an outskirt battle(similar to retreating from a sea battle) will result in high gain of fatigue.
  • Fatigue may increase when you receive damage from a land battle.
  • Fatigue is reset when you lose a land battle. A certain amount of sailors will also be lost(ran away).
  • You lose a certain amount of money you are currently holding when you lose a land battle.
  • You have a chance of losing equipped items when you lose a land battle.
  • Equipments and items have to be equipped before they can be used in a land battle. A secondary weapon and up to 4 items can be brought into a land battle. They must be registered first. This can be done by the following steps: Character > Equipment > Land Battle Items.
  • A land battle can be actively or passively initiated. Active initiation involves player attacking the NPC first and vice versa for passive initiation. Click on the Battle icon when you are in range with the NPC to attack it.

Land Battle Interface

(Image either from author or

Hp Player Stamina Gauge. This can be found on top left of your screen, under fleet member list. The higher your total levels, the more max stamina you carry into a land battle. Actual stamina then depends on Fatigue. You enter a land battle with 100% stamina if your sailors' Fatigue is 0.
Opphp Current Target Stamina Gauge. This can be found on right side of your screen, above Tech Bar. The target can be your fleet member or enemy. To de-target, press ESC. To switch target, left click on another desired target. Your actions will be imposed to the target that are being selected.

Action Box. Can be found at bottom right side of your screen. This include:

  • Tech Bar. Top of the Action Box. Displays available techs for use.
  • Item Box. Bottom left of Action Box. Displays registered items. Items are shaded when they are under cooldown after use.
  • Change Weapon. Bottom right of Action Box. Allows switching of registered weapon. Consumes 50 Action Points.
  • Action Points Bar. Bottom of Action Box. Shows action points available. Recovers over time. All battle actions require Action Points consumption.
  • Attack/Defense Indicator. Right side of Action Box. Indicates your current attack and defense value. Can change when switching weapons.

Player Condition, can be found at the top of your character. The blue bar indicates your current stamina, which serves the same function as the Player Stamina Gauge. Orange-bordered box resembles your character name, while the box containing a sword resembles your current condition, either Normal, Power(Red), Quick(Blue) and Feint(Yellow).

The four green triangles are pointing towards your selected target. Green represents friendly, Yellow represents enemy, Red represents current attacking target. Your character will not continuously attack an enemy unless the indicator is red.

00078473 Rage Bar, found at the top of the screen. The rage bar fills when you inflict damage to your opponent(s). The number value indicates the rank limit of techs available to use. For example, you can only use R1 techs when the Rage Bar indicator is 1, and so on.

Skills in Land Battle

  • Swordplay : Affects attack power of melee weapons(swords, spears, axes, staves). Also as a requirement for relative higher ranked techs acquisition.
  • Sword Mastery : Affects attack power and speed of melee weapons(swords, spears, axes, staves). Also as a requirement for relative higher ranked techs acquisition.
  • Throwing : Affects attack power and speed of throwing knives. Also as a requirement for relative higher ranked techs acquisition.
  • Sniping : Affects attack power and speed of guns and bows. Also as a requirement for relative higher ranked techs acquisition.
  • Trap : Strengthen trap effects, also as a requirement for acquisition of trap techs. Can discover and destroy ground traps during dungeon exploration.
  • Merchandise Knowledge : Strengthen item effects, also as a requirement for acquisition of item techs.
    • Other related skills to acquire item techs: Provisions .
  • Gunfire : Increase attack speed of guns, also as a requirement for relative higher ranked techs acquisition.
  • Marching : Slows fatigue increase and chances of ambush during land exploration.
  • Storage : Reduces loss from losing land battles and ease durability decrease of equipped items caused by land battling.


Previous players perception about techs:

To acquire a tech:

    • You must first fulfill the tech requirements .
    • You must defeat an opponent that uses the tech more than once on you.
    • Tech acquisition is random and harder as the rank of the tech goes higher, hence patience is the key of acquiring techs.
    • Author's note: the 5-second-kill-after-tech-use method may increase the chances of tech acquisition, though unproven. As far as I am concerned, all of my techs are obtained when I defeat them more than 5 seconds after NPCs use their techs.
    • Most R1 techs can be obtained by NPCs that use the tech, doesn't have to be a specific one.
  • To use item techs, you must have items registered for battle; To use battle techs, you must have the related weapons equipped.
  • Tech draws are random. The system randomly draws a related tech for you to choose from and plan chains. In order to increase the chances of a specific tech type to be drawn, related manuals can be equipped.
  • The more related techs learned, the faster it is drawn out.

Techs after Vinland update:

  • Players' doubts has been raised in the Netmarble forum regarding tech gains, and GM_Bonny has clarified a few issues:
  • For the rank 1 and 2 techs, be it Item, Battle or Adventure, the only thing you need is the required skill and weapon to learn the tech.
  • The NPC doesn't have to wield the same weapon as you do for you to acquire a tech.
  • The NPC doesn't have to use Adventure or Item Techs at all in order to learn them. For example, the Special Force NPC's in Cairo don't use traps, ever. However you can learn traps there anyway.
  • The NPC doesn't have to use the Battle techs for you to learn them.

Some additional information:

How all of these exactly works is unknown. Questions being raised like:

- Do we have to be in the 2nd phase of the combat in order to learn the rank 2 tech?

- Do we have to kill him right after we arrive in the 2nd phase to learn the rank 2 tech, or do we need to wait a few seconds?

The Base Assault Soldier lvl 55 in Northwest Portobelo doesn't use a spear, however it is still possible to obtain a rank 3 spear rank from him. So can we learn ALL the rank 3's from them as well or only the Spear?

Weapon Systems

  • Battle techs are categorized into Power, Quick and Feint.
  • The counter graph of these categories are as follows: Power counters Quick, Quick counters Feint, Feint counters Power.
  • A counter increases the damage of the used tech and its subsequent chain so long the opponent remains under the same countered condition.
  • Ultimate Battle Techs can only be acquired through quests and not land battles, after requirements are met.
  • 7 types of weapons used in Land Battle(not including tools and instruments):
    • Sword
    • Spear
    • Axe
    • Staff
    • Throwing Knife
    • Gun
    • Bow
  • Base attack speed of weapons from fastest to slowest:
    • Throwing Knife
    • Staff
    • Sword and Spear
    • Bow
    • Axe
    • Gun
  • Attack range of weapons from furthest to closest:
    • Gun and Bow(120)
    • Throwing Knife(100)
    • Spear(80)
    • Sword, Staff and Axe(50)

Weapon Discipline

Forte Weapons

  • A weapon is registered as forte weapon when you win a land battle with the equipped weapon.
  • Only 5 forte weapons are allowed. The weapon with the lowest forte points will be discarded when a new weapon is registered.
  • Only forte weapons can have forte points.

Forte Points

  • Forte points determine the attack power bonus of the forte weapon.
  • Maximum 1000 forte points can be accumulated for each forte weapon.
  • 1 attack power increment for every 25 forte points accumulated, hence a total of 40(1000/25) attack power increase can be achieved for each forte weapon.
  • Forte point also affects the attack speed and accuracy of the forte weapon.
  • The limit where a forte point can be gained is the level of NPC multiply by 20. That is, if you are fighting a level 5 NPC you will only gain up to 100 forte points, any further accumulation will require you to defeat NPCs with a higher level.
  • A forte point is gained for every completion of a land battle. A forte point each is gained if two different weapons are used in the land battle, and two forte points can be gained if two similar weapons are used in the land battle. Only applicable with Change Weapon function.

Finesse Rank

  • Finesse rank represents the proficiency of your techs.
  • Finesse rank is required to allow higher ranked techs to be acquired.
  • You gain one finesse rank increase by accumulating 500 tech experience points for each category.
  • Tech experience points can be obtained by using the related tech (2 experience point per skill).
  • More tech experience points can be obtained in a single land battle with more chain combos and successful counters.
  • Tech experience points does not accumulate in a battle. Only the action, either chain or counter that provides highest tech experience points are taken into count for each tech type.
  • Chain table(source from<Values differ in the event of higher ranked techs and counters>
Chain Count 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13+
Tech Exp 5 9 14 20 27 35 44 54 65 77 90 100
  • Fleet members using the same tech categories, albeit different techs can increase chain count.

Land Battle Formula

Attack Power

  • Possible formula 1:
  • Melee: (Equipment Attack Power + Battle Level + Forte Weapon Attack Bonus + Swordplay * 3 + Sword Mastery * 1) * 0.95~0.99
  • Middle: Equipment Attack Power + Battle Level / 2 + Forte Weapon Attack Bonus + Throwing * 4
  • Range: Equipment Attack Power + Battle Level / 2 + Forte Weapon Attack Bonus + Sniping * 4

  • Possible formula 2:

Equipment Attack Power + Class Bonus + Forte Weapon Attack Bonus + Skill Bonus, where

Equipment Attack Power = Attack power of equipment

Class Bonus = Current Job Class * Job Constant, Maritime Job Constant = 1.1, others = 1.0

Forte Weapon Attack Bonus = Forte Points / 25

Skill Bonus = Related skill rank * 3.2

Defence Power

Possible formula 1:

  • Melee: First Aid * 3 + Battle Level + Equipment Defense Power
  • Middle: (Swordplay * 2.5 + Battle Level / 2 + Equipment Defense Power) * 0.8
  • Range: (Swordplay * 2.5 + Battle Level / 2 + Equipment Defense Power) * 0.7

Possible formula 2:

  • Equipment Defence Power + Class Bonus, where
  • Equipment Defence Power = Defence power of equipment
  • Class Bonus = Current Job Class * Job Constant, Maritime Job Constant = 1.1, others = 1.0


  • HP = 30 + 5*(Lvl of current class) + 2.5*(Lvl of other two classes added), rounded down to nearest multiple of 5.
  • For every 1 point of Fatigue, initial stamina is reduced by 0.5. (Note: Fatigue has disguised decimal point value)

Skill Proficiency

  • 1 skill proficiency per successful hit when NPC level > skill rank * 3

Skill Refill

  • 20 - [(Total Adventure Techs + Total Trade Techs) / 2 + Total Battle Techs] / 5; measured in seconds, maximum limit = 5 seconds.

Items and Item Combos

(To be added after I sort out the relative source information.)

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