Kaffa) - A town on the north coast of the Black Sea. It has prospered as a trading town through the ages and, in the 13th century, came under Genoan control and used as a base on the coast of the Black Sea. It was recently occupied by the Ottoman Turks. Known for producing Turkish rugs.

Kaffa is located in the Eastern Europe port permit area, and is unlocked by the East Mediterranean Sea port permit. It is located on the Black Sea zone, and is part of Turkey cultural sphere. It is allied with the Ottoman Empire and in hostile waters.

Note: On some early game maps and documentation, this port may be referred to as "Kefe", which is the Ottoman and Crimean name for the city from 1475-1781. However, the International Version uses the name "Kaffa" which is the Genoan name for the port until 1475. "Caffa" also accurate. In modern times, this city is called Feodosia, based on it's Greek name.

MosqueTown OfficialPort (Square)BankMansionMarketRest AreaPort (Commercial District)ShipyardPort (Harbour)Kaffa

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