Talking with "Instructor Alan"

  • You can look at the details of your guild's errand assignments by clicking on the "Journal Button" and then "Quest" from the menu
  • Go talk to the "Port Official" or the "Port Guide" in order to go to another town.
  • Put your cursor over the map in the lower right corner to see the facilities in each town. If you click on the small map, it will enlarge the map. You can click on the facility you would like to go to, and your character will start heading that way. To close the large map.. simple click on the smaller map and the large map will disappear.
  • When ever you see someone with a "white comment cloud and an " ! "" over their head, you should click on that person and listen to them... This will happen randomly through the game, so keep a look out for them.
  • Double click on "Instructor Alan" for his conversation, (to follow).

Instructor Alan:

Welcome to "Meritime Academy" where you will learn how to become a fine sailor. Some of you may know a thing or two about sailing, but let's all start with the basics together.

A sailor's ship is his partner, so first, let's go to the shipyard and see how they are made. Seeing as our lecture has just started, I will accompany you on your first trip to the shipyard.

Look at the map, in the lower right corner. You will see a "blue body" flashing, indicating the location of your Instructor (or the person you will meet at a specific location as directed).
As you can see, you were transported to the "Shipyard", and there are (2) persons with " ! " over their head. You will need to click on both persons.

This is an example of the conversations you will have with your Instructors.... They will give you Lectures and/or quests to complete.. as you learn the details of you Job. Now, click on the School Classes.. and begin your studies.. Good luck Sailor.. see you on the open seas...

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Lore 14:36, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

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