Imperium Sacrum is a Venician nationalist company focused on protecting the interests of Venice and her allies.* The company also conducts trade missions around th Mediterranean and has plans to expand it's caravan operations to new shores. Currently a small, slow-growing company, Imperium Sacrum wishes to grow as the game/server does and secure a footing as a close-knit group of Venetians (and brethren) with one primary objective: glorify Venice.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. If you hail from Venice, or our lovely nation of all-time partying the Netherlands, and wish to join please contact Garen or JollyRoger in game. Umut, our resident Turk, may also accept join-requests (and currently sees more play-time than the other two). Members of other nationalities interested in serving Venician interests are also free to apply, though there will be a more stringent recruitment and evaluation process (though we're not sure what this process is yet, 'cause we're legit like that).

Sons and daughters of Venice, answer the call! We need tradesmen, explorers and soldiers in our struggle to safeguard our beautiful city and all her collonies and allies! You can make a difference today and be part of something larger than yourself and help unite all Venicians against those that would try to erode us!

For Venice, Her People, and Her Future!

  • On a more casual note, we of Imperium Sacrum are currently a small lot of casual players trying to level up and gain a greater understanding of the game. This currently comes before growing the company. We are, for the most part, college students and younger professionals who spend what free time we can find sailing around and wishing we could, for just one day, use cannons and cutlasses to solve our every day problems (or I do, at least...hehe). We're based in Naples and generally have a few items up in our shop, so do check it out! If you're at all interested, shoot us an application and we would be glad to have you; however, please know that we judge personality before levels or play-time. We look forward to sailing with you! -Umut

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