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Type fabrics Hemp Fabric
Clothing material woven from flax or ramie is highly absorbent and porous.


Skill  price update notice

Please update the price if its closer to or at 100% rate.
Preferably in non-allied port.

Buy Icon Sell Icon To make: Made from:
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Amsterdam 439 Ð Type arrow rt
Western Europe
City: Price:
Algiers 326 Ð Type arrow dr
Tunis Attrib price 332 Ð
South Africa
City: Price:
Tamatave 378 Ð Type arrow rt
Central America/Caribbean
City: Price:
Santo Domingo 332 Ð (?%)
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Antwerp 414 Ð Type arrow rt
Bordeaux 387 Ð Type arrow dr
Bremen 430 Ð Type arrow dr
Copenhagen 517 Ð Type arrow ur
Calais 380 Ð
Helder 501 Ð Type arrow ur
Dover 459 Ð Type arrow ur
London 430 Ð
Nantes 389 Ð Type arrow dr
Oslo 488 Ð Type arrow dr
Plymouth 385 Ð Type arrow dr
Visby 537 Ð Type arrow ur
Western Europe
City: Price:
Barcelona 402 Ð Type arrow dr
Calvi 361 Ð Type arrow dr
Ceuta 394 Ð Type arrow dr
Faro 419 Ð Type arrow dr
Genoa 532 Ð Type arrow ur
Gijon 419 Ð Type arrow dr
Lisbon 436 Ð Type arrow dr
Malaga 453 Ð Type arrow dr
Marseille 463 Ð Type arrow dr
Montpellier 504 Ð Type arrow ur
Naples 584 Ð Type arrow ur
Palma 521 Ð Type arrow ur
Pisa 428 Ð Type arrow dr
Porto 419 Ð Type arrow dr
Seville 487 Ð Type arrow ur
Syracuse 541 Ð Type arrow ur
Tripoli 450 Ð Type arrow rt
Valencia 441 Ð Type arrow dr
Eastern Africa/India
City: Price:
Diu 533 Ð Type arrow ur

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Lv req. Recipe name Ingredient(s) Product
Skill sewing 1 6. Process Hemp Cloth
How to weave hemp cloth from hemp.

Lv req. Recipe name Ingredient(s) Product
Skill sewing 2 3. Sew a hammock
How to sew a cloth to make a hammock.
Skill sewing 2 4. Sew a spare sail
How to make a spare sail from hemp cloth.

Lv req. Recipe name Ingredient(s) Product
Skill sewing 2 1. Sew Jibs
Sew a jib set between the bows and the foremast.
Success: Great Success:
Skill sewing 3 2. Sew staysails
Sew a staysail set between the masts.
Success: Great Success:
Skill sewing 4 3. Sew 2 sails
Sew a sail set from the top of the mast.
Success: Great Success:
Skill sewing 5 4. Sew bonnets
Sew a bonnet set from the mast.
Success: Great Success: