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Type medicine Heathers
Mark favoured skill Northern Europe
Also known as Erica, they have long been used in folk medicine.

Skill  price update notice

Please update the price if its closer to or at 100% rate.
Preferably in non-allied port.

Buy Icon Sell Icon To make: Made from:
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Riga 175 Ð Type arrow ur
Stockholm 191 Ð Type arrow dr
Northern Europ
City: Price:
Amsterdam 189 Ð Type arrow dr
Calais 226 Ð Type arrow dr
Copenhagen 186 Ð Type arrow dr
Dover 259 Ð Type arrow ur
Danzig 285 Ð Type arrow ur
Hamburg 228 Ð Type arrow dr
Le Havre 293 Ð Type arrow ur
Lubeck 220 Ð Type arrow dr
London 233 Ð Type arrow dr
Visby 205 Ð Type arrow dr
Western Europe
City: Price:
Gijon 408 Ð Type arrow ur
Lisbon 404 Ð Type arrow ur
Madeira 404 Ð Type arrow ur