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Furniture can be made by those skilled in Handicrafts. They will need access to a secondary skill (a nearby fleet member will work) and three different materials to create a furniture item. Craftsman in some towns know furniture recipes that can be accessed by the handicrafter. All of which is summarized in the recipes table below.

Using Furniture

Furniture increases the amount of storage that is allowed in your quarters. To be able to place pieces, one must not only have purchased a Quarters (upgrade from the dormitory) but also have upgraded it to at least a rank 2 dwelling. After this the "Set Furniture" button will be highlighted on the "Quarters Information" window accessed from a bank or within your quarters. From here one furniture item from your inventory may be placed for each of six item types: Equipment, Parts/Hardwares, Consumables, Documents, Trade Goods, Skill Books. Once placed you cannot regain the furniture item.
Furniture items also have a durability. The durability decreases by one on initial use, placing an item that uses the increased space(s), and also when removed. It is only decremented once if the item is swapped.


  • It is assumed that you can place a new item in the appropriate slot, effectively destroying the previous item.
  • Those with furniture increasing space by more than one should update if durability is decremented per slot used or just once in general. Also for stackable items is it decreased for changing the number of items in the stack?

Furniture Recipes

Recipe Port NPC Skills Materials Effect Durability
Indian Rug/Parasol Cochin Craftsman Stores equipment
Rattan Basket Cochin Craftsman Stores trade goods
Knickknack Box Jaffa Craftsman Stores consumables
Rattan Tool Box Jaffa Craftsman Stores ship parts
Rack Bookcase Jaffa Craftsman Documents+2
Wardrobes Jaffa Craftsman Equipment+3
High Chest Jaffa Craftsman Trade Goods+3
Storage Barrels Lubeck Craftsman +1 trade goods 100/100
Skill Bookshelf Case Tier 3 Lubeck Craftsman Stores Skills +3
Chest of Drawers Lubeck Craftsman Stores Equipment+2
Bookshelves Lubeck Craftsman Documents +2
Draw Storage Rack Lubeck Craftsman Consumables +3
Storage Boxes Lubeck Craftsman Storage expansion supplies Stores ship parts +3
big 2-door bookcase Lubeck Craftsman Cabinet Expansion Tools Stores Documents +3
Clothes Trunk Pisa Craftsman Stores equipment
Tool Box Pisa Craftsman Stores ship parts
Cupboard Pisa Craftsman Stores consumables
Open Bookshelf Pisa Craftsman Stores documents
Knickknack Box Trebizond Craftsman Stores consumables
Rattan Tool Box Trebizond Craftsman Stores ship parts
Stock Anchors Valencia Craftsman Stores ship parts
Two-door Bookcase Valencia Craftsman +1 documents 100/100

Craftsman in Lubeck:

Recipe name Ingredient(s) Product

Recipe name Ingredients Product

Craftsman in Jaffa:

Craftsman in Pisa:

Recipe name Ingredient(s) Product
Recipe name Ingredients Product

Craftsman in Cochin:

Recipe name Ingredient(s) Product
Recipe name Ingredients Product

Craftsman in Trebizond:

Craftsman in Valencia: