Name: Fortress of Treasure No Expiration
Contract Location: Reward:
Athens Adventure Guild
Attrib price 55,000 Ð
Advance  Ð
Quest Details: Difficulty:

Sir La Valette has discovered an old diary of a knight who had fought in the Crusades in Syria. According to this diary, there is much buried treasure to be found underneath a fortress in that area. Look for a fortress!

Required Skill(s):

Skill Recognition 1 Skill Archaeology 2

Required Fame:
Attrib fame1Type adventure 0 Attrib fame1Type trade 0 Attrib fame1Type battle 0
Step 1 - Diary Donation:
[Athens - La Valette]

From the treasures that we, the Knights of John are keeping, we found an old diary written on parchment. We immediately donated it to the town library. You are free to read it, but it's written in Latin. It is also written using the old place names, so you won't be able to read through it unless you are very talented.

Step 2 - Diary of the Knight Carlo Trevisan:
[Athens - Scholar]

Enemy forces descended on Beirut. We tried to repair the Biblos fortress walls but ran out of supplies, and we became hopelessly lost. However, at the proposal of the group leader, we obtained stones from buildings in the area that were abandined in Toman times. We found uncountable sculptures and coins from the collapsed buildings.

Step 3 - Byblos fortress ruins sign:
[Beirut - Rest House Master]

The Biblos fortress? Ah, that crumbled castle ruin. If you want to go there, go outside this town and look for stacked stones. After you have passed them, you should see some crumbled castle wall ruins together with ancient cylindrical columns.

Final Step - Location of the Byblos ruins:
The Biblos runs are apparently beyond the stacked stones to the north of Beirut. Use "Recognition" when you get there to investigate. You also will need archaeological wisdom.
Rewards for Completion:
UI-Class Adventure Level - 90 xp

UI-Class Adventure Fame - 90 Fame

Discovered Biblos - 135 Adv. xp

Acquired Discovery card - 67 Adv. xp

Quest Mediation Permit

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