Skill fishing Fishing
Fish can be caught.
Attrib-vigour 10 Max. Rank 16
Acquisition requirements:
LvType adventure 1 LvType trade - LvType battle -

Additional info:

Fish at village ports and out at sea.
Higher rank means higher chances of catching rare fish.
There is a slight chance to find a Shipwreck map piece while fishing
(Automatic Renewal on Sailing)
Related booster items

Related Items


Body Equipment
+1 +1 +1 +1
Short poncho-1 +1 Short poncho-3 +1 Artisan's Clothes-2 +2
Head Equipment
+2 Cat Ears-1 +1
Foot Equipment
Hand Equipment
Weapon Equipment
Accessory Equipment
+1 +2 +1 +1
+1 +1 +1 +2
+1 +1


Name Acquireable Skills Report Others
Lionel Dockett
Duckett Company House
Flag england London

Attrib formality2+

Bicker the Mogul
Bicker Company House
Flag netherlands Amsterdam

Attrib formality2+

Nzinga Mbemba
Mbemba's Mansion
Flag portugal Lisbon

Attrib formality2+

Tome Pires
Tome Pires Estate
Flag spain Seville

Attrib formality2+

Luis de Leon
Luis de Leon Estate
Flag spain Barcelona

Gesualdo the Musician
Gesualdo Estate

Attrib formality6+

Koritan Estate


Type adventure
Type trade
Type battle

How to Fish

You can either fish on land by facing the water, or anywhere at sea. You can also buy bait from an item merchant (the ones that sell clothes) and use it the same fashion that you use the skill.

There are as of yet 3 different baits. Using these wil not raise your Fishing Skill.

  • Bait
  • Normal bought at every Shopkeeper.
  • Probably lowest rate of catching fish and common fishes are caught.
  • Live bait
  • Get it from sunken ship from maps or maybe buy later in game. Also obtained as a reward for some Adventurer-type quests.
  • Higher catching rate and rarer fish caught.
  • Fishing Net
  • Consumable item with durability.
  • Same as Live Bait, eg.: Higher catching rate and rarer fish caught.
  • Fishing Skill - best thing to use
  • On land: You will cast 4x, while on land like in city. Just stand near water and activate your skill. Caught fish will be automatically exchanged for cash, the price will be between ¼-⅛ of shop price.
  • On sea: You will auto-recast the skill until your Vigor is depleted.
  • Can't be used in Port.
  • Only increases skill level when you successfully catch fish.

The "catch"

Yeah it's a pun.

  • Syracuse is the best fishing hole in the mediterranean. It is said that the only place that is better is near the Calicutt.
  • It takes longer to catch something in the ocean.
  • What you catch in towns will be automatically exchanged for money. It'll be at a lower market price than if you sold something you caught from the sea.
  • Poisonous fish will be thrown back into the water.
  • What you catch in the ocean is rarer than on land (so far anyway).
  • You can make Provisions out of the Fish on the fly at sea. Higher level fish covert into more food. For instance, one Spanish Mackerel (which requires level 5 storage to process) is worth seven food provisions.
  • By buying book from Shopkeeper in major port cities (Fisherman Arts- Preservation Methods, requires Storage 1) you can process caught fish into "Fish" which sells for more Ducats.
  • At higher levels you start to catch more than one fish at a time, experience less line breaks and receive more hits, you will also begin to catch new better fish.
  • Fish are location specific
  • It is possible to discover Marine creatures and shipwreck map pieces while using this skill.
  • Fishing/Discoveries:

What you can fish

Name Comments
Convert Rate: 23, Amazon Fish hard to catch - Fishing R10 minimum
(10/1) 400 Ð
hot spots near Valencia, Barcelona
Conversion: 2/1, Storage: R2 - 1-3, best spot is Syracuse.
Storage: R5 - 3-5, plentiful in Deep Indian Ocean; 1770, 5680 SE of Sofala
aka Codfish. Conversion: 5/1, Storage: R2 - 1-3, Best spot: Great Fisher Bank around 100,2250
West Coast of India.
Marine Creature Discovery, poisonous, found near Mid-Nile River
Storage R2:
Conversion: 5/1, Market: 186Ð, Eastern Mediterranean (East of Candia)
Conversion: 2/1
Conversion: 2/1
Conversion: 2/1, Storage R1: 1-3, North Sea
Conversion: 2/1, Storage R2: 1 - 3

Storage R1: 1-3,
Conversion: 17/1, Marine Creature Discovery, found near Mid-Nile River

(2/1) Eastern Mediterranean Fish between Candia and Athens (Fishing R4)

  • 1114,3280 near Athens
aka Red Sea Bream, heavily caught between Sierra Leone and Abidjan

(6/1) storage 3-5

  • location Near to Bergen 140 2000
  • Off of landing between London & Edinburgh (Fishing R4)
(1/1) Around Den Helder
You can reliably catch Sole at:

  • 16352, 2310 North of London
  • 16283,2564 NW of Calais just outside of the port
  • 16086,2741 in front of Nantes port
  • in front of Plymouth port
Conversion: 8/1, Storage R5: 6-8, Market: 372Ð
(6/1) 4k Ð
around Med.
Marlin outside Syracuse 623, 3239
Near To Syracuse port (623,3201) and near Casablanca(15707,3331) also 15987.3324 (i think the Casablanca is better for catching tuna)
In the South and East Africa areas.

Quests for Fishing

Questname Pickup Dificulty Requirement(s) Reward(s) Advance
Procure octopus Athens Adventure-GM ★★★ Skill Fishing 8000 Ð -

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