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Type foodstuffs Fish
Fish which is easily preserved by salting or drying.


Skill  price update notice

Please update the price if its closer to or at 100% rate.
Preferably in non-allied port.

Buy Icon Sell Icon To make: Made from:
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Bergen 145 Ð Type arrow rt
Dover 139 Ð Type arrow ur
Edinburgh 153 Ð Type arrow ur
Groningen 144 Ð Type arrow dr
Helder 144 Ð Type arrow dr
Oslo 140 Ð Type arrow rt
Western Europe
City: Price:
Cagliari 145 Ð Type arrow rt
Ceuta 136 Ð Type arrow rt
Faro 145 Ð Type arrow rt
Las Palmas 139 Ð Type arrow ur
Madeira 145 Ð Type arrow rt
Palma 145 Ð Type arrow ur
Porto 145 Ð Type arrow rt
Sassari 145 Ð Type arrow rt
Tripoli 145 Ð Type arrow rt
Tunis 145 Ð Type arrow rt
The Azores 161 Ð Type arrow ur
Eastern Europe
City: Price:
Candia 150 Ð Type arrow ur
Cattaro 145 Ð Type arrow rt
Famagusta 136 Ð Type arrow dr
Jaffa 145 Ð Type arrow rt
Ragusa 166 Ð Type arrow ur
Salonika 132 Ð Type arrow dr
Syracuse 128 Ð
Trieste 145 Ð
Western Africa
City: Price:
Arguin 144 Ð Type arrow dr
Cabo Verde 150 Ð Type arrow ur
Southern Africa
City: Price:
Benguela 146 Ð Type arrow ur
Karibib 136 Ð Type arrow dr
Tamatave 150 Ð Type arrow ur
Eastern Africa/India
City: Price:
Aden 128 Ð Type arrow dr
Mogadishu 138 Ð Type arrow dr
Muscat 157 Ð Type arrow ur
Socotra 146 Ð Type arrow ur
Caribbean/Central America
City: Price:
Acapulco 154 Ð Type arrow ur
Grand Cayman 140 Ð Type arrow ur
Hiva Oa 139 Ð Type arrow rt
Panama 141 Ð Type arrow dr
Trujillo 144 Ð Type arrow dr
Willemstad 144 Ð Type arrow rt
Southeast Asia
City: Price:
Ambon 154 Ð Type arrow ur
Brunei 153 Ð Type arrow ur
Gia Dinh 157 Ð Type arrow ur
Jakarta 141 Ð Type arrow ur
Jolo 138 Ð Type arrow rt
Kuching 126 Ð Type arrow dr
Run 134 Ð Type arrow ur
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Amsterdam 201 Ð Type arrow rt
Antwerp 224 Ð
Bordeaux 192 Ð Type arrow ur
Bremen 218 Ð Type arrow rt
Calais 191 Ð
Copenhagen 192 Ð Type arrow rt
Gijon 147 Ð Type arrow dr
Hamburg 218 Ð Type arrow rt
London 215 Ð Type arrow rt
Kokkola 196 Ð Type arrow ur
Lubeck 191 Ð Type arrow rt
Nantes 193 Ð Type arrow rt
Plymouth 215 Ð
Visby 195 Ð Type arrow ur
Western Europe
City: Price:
Barcelona 156 Ð Type arrow rt
Calvi 164 Ð Type arrow rt
Casablanca 156 Ð Type arrow rt
Genoa 164 Ð Type arrow rt
Lisbon 156 Ð Type arrow rt
Malaga 156 Ð Type arrow rt
Marseilles 158 Ð Type arrow dr
Montpellier 156 Ð Type arrow rt
Pisa 170 Ð Type arrow ur
Seville 164 Ð Type arrow ur
Eastern Europe
City: Price:
Athens 179 Ð Type arrow ur
Benghazi 153 Ð Type arrow rt
Cairo 164 Ð Type arrow ur
Candia 56 Ð Type arrow ur
Naples 168 Ð Type arrow ur
Ragusa 201 Ð Type arrow ur
Venice 163 Ð Type arrow dr
West Africa
City: Price:
Abidjan 179 Ð Type arrow ur
Luanda 165 Ð Type arrow ur
Sao Tome 161 Ð Type arrow ur
South Africa
City: Price:
Cape Town 183 Ð Type arrow ur
Douala 157 Ð Type arrow ur
Mozambique 172 Ð Type arrow ur
Natal 146 Ð Type arrow dr
Sofala 152 Ð Type arrow dr
East Africa/India
City: Price:
Calicut 178 Ð Type arrow dr
Kilwa 184 Ð Type arrow ur
Malindi 191 Ð Type arrow ur
Caribbean/Central America
City: Price:
Havana 255 Ð Type arrow ur

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