Camel Hair Camel Hair Cotton Cotton Elder Elder
Ports Alexandria, Cairo*, Tripoli Ports Alexandria,Kefa Ports Bordeaux
Products Camel Wool Products Cotton Cloth Products
Sources Sources Sources
Feathers Feathers Fur Fur Flax Flax
Ports Lubeck, Riga* Ports Bremen, Danzig, Groningen, Oslo*, Riga, Visby Ports Stockholm, Visby
Products Products Products
Sources Chicken, Duck Sources Sources
Jute Jute Kenaf Kenaf Leather Leather
Ports Ceuta, Sassari Ports Algiers Ports Stockholm, Porto
Products Products Products
Sources Sources Sources Cattle
Wool Wool
Ports Arguin, Benghazi, London, Oslo, Valencia
Products Woolen Cloth
Sources Sheep

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