I am updating and organizing the UWO pages that I am finding all over the internet. This game has been on playstations (and other offline game machines) since 1990's. This "English Version" has just come online Oct. 1st, 2010.. Many of the experienced players have either been from the "beta" version, or the "home version". The reason the "English Version" Wiki information is not available.. this game is very popular, and started.. in Japan. So, we are having to translate the information, or learn it by trial and error.. and write the Wikia as we go along. Lore 21:20, October 31, 2010 (UTC) Lore

This is a work in progress... so feel free to help, and be patient. :)

If you go to the main "Unofficial Uncharted Waters Wiki".. down to "Guides".. to "Beginners Getting Started in UWO LoreLore... that is the one I am working on. The others are very useful, but not very easy to find what you need, formatted, organized, etc.. I have done more "searching the internet.. and reading".. than spending time playing the game..

I will be linking their information, fixing their pages, etc, to make this Wikia better for all of us..


I have signed on with "Ring of Silence" for now, to gain experience in operating a "Company".. there are a lot of qualifications and I am sure, a lot of time for the administrators... So, this will be quite an undertaking when we decide to do this.. in the meantime, gaining experience. They are closing their membership soon, so try to get in if you can. (if you like).

If you can't get in there.. try to get into a "Company".. so we can all learn/gain experience from the different exposure within our Companies.. the more experience.. the better/stronger we will be.. in time.

Epic Members

  • as of this date, Epic members online.. and Company (if known)
  • Zanzabaronzan (Militia Company)
  • LAGO
  • Aaricia (Janeway)
  • Clarky
  • Lore (Ring of Silence Company)
  • DeerSlayer (Lobo)
  • GregorAustin

and many more said they were coming


This is the complete world can download.. and use to"magnify", "paint prgs", etc..

  • other maps are available in the "tab" above...

Add to friends list

In the short period of time I have been here, I have met some very helpful, knowledgable peeps. Here are a few:

  • Starcrossed **** (writes in the forum a lot & is affiliated with a company)
  • Drablaze ***** (in the Revolution Company, but "gave me" a ship.. and his my "Mentor")
  • Avalon
  • Dale
  • Marhler

Voice Chat

Be sure to checkout the "Voice Chat" application

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