Regular Event Schedule - September

Epic Sea Feud

Round 1 (Friday): September 1st, 8PM-11PM
Round 2 (Saturday): September 2nd, 12PM-3PM
Round 3 (Sunday): September 3rd, 6AM-9AM

Aggressor Nation

Defender Nation

Target City

Aggressor Nation Voting: -> August 26th, 11:00PM

Allied Nation Voting: August 26th, 11:00PM -> August 30th, 4:00PM

Academy Debate

Erasmus Cup (Amsterdam)
September 9th, Saturday: 5PM to 7:30PM

  • 100 points or below debate deck.

Gesualdo Cup (Naples)
September 10th, Sunday: 10AM-12:30PM

  • 150 points or below debate deck.

See Academy Debate Guide

Ship Race

Race 1: September 7th-13th
Marseilles to Manchester

Race 2: September 21st-27th
To Be Determined

Battle Campaign

September 7th, 3PM - 23rd, 3PM

Players cannot be plundered in BC, so they will not lose money, item, equipment or fame to opponent players. Ships will not lose maximum durability in BC as they will be restored to the original value after each battle. It is recommended to join with a ship at its maximum possible durability.

Changes to Battle Campain

  • During battle, the Durability of your Ship Parts and Character Equipment will no longer decrease.
  • With the addition of 'Patriot Awards', you can now obtain special reward items based on the points you've obtained.
  • You can now change the Mission Duration within the Mission Options. You can choose from 15, 20, and 30 minutes.
  • Participants who have completed their battle preparations will have an icon displayed left of their name.
  • You can now obtain a new title based on the amount of cumulative victories.
  • You can now access your Dock through the Port Official at the Mission HQ.

Historical Event

September 28th, 9:00PM

World Clock shifts to a new period on the fourth Thursday, at 9:00PM every TWO months. Unique historical event will automatically happen after the change depending on the period the World Clock lands on, and a new list of Ganador bosses will appear.

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