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Regular Event Schedule - May

Epic Sea Feud

Portugal Portugal + The Netherlands Netherlands vs Venice Venice + England England + Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Target: Benghazi (Ionian Sea & East Mediterranean Sea)

Day 1: 8-11PM, June 8th
Day 2: 12-3PM, June 9th
Day 3: 6-9AM, June 10th


Academy Debate

Mercator Cup
Location: Adventure Guild in Amsterdam
June 16th, 5:00PM - 7:30PM
Deck: 100 points or below

Rosanna Cup
Location: Adventure Guild in Istanbul
June 17th, 10:00AM - 12:30PM
Deck: 200 points or below

Guide: Debate Guide

Ship Race

Period: June 7th to June 13th
From London to Casablanca

Period: June 21st to June 27th
From ?? to ??

Battle Campaign

June 14th - 30th

Players cannot be plundered in BC, so they will not lose money, item, equipment or fame to opponent players. Ships will not lose maximum durability in BC as they will be restored to the original value after each battle. It is recommended to join with a ship at its maximum possible durability.

More info:

Historical Event

Upcoming HE: June 28th, 9PM