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Cultural Contribution points allow you to take a second quest when you already have one.Without Cultural Contribution points, you can only have ONE quest at a time. If you have a quest already and go looking for another, you will see the quest window complaints about not having enough Cultural Contribution. With some culture contribution, you can acquire a second quest. Difficulty of second quest you can acquire is depend on Cultural Contribution points. More point you have, more difficult the quest you can acquire.

Cultural Contribution Rank = Difficulty of Second Quest Decrease (Cultural Contributor Title)
0 ~ 499 1 5 (4)
500 ~ 1999 2 20 (16)
2000 ~ 4499 3 45 (36)
4500 ~ 7999 4 80 (64)
8000 ~ 12499 5 125 (100)
12500 ~ 17999 6 180 (144)
18000 ~ 23499 7 245 (196)
24500 ~ 31999 8 320 (256)
32000 ~ 40499 9 405 (324)
40500 ~ 50000 10 500 (400)

To obtain Cultural Contribution points you to head over to Paris (take carriage in Marseille) and visit the Louvre palace. You can put in certain items, or ornaments made from certain adventure quest cards, in either the main exhibit hall(costly some ducats) or one of the smaller exhibit halls (free) in order to gain points. The curator in the Louvre will explain more.

You can view your Cultural Contribution level by going to your character information screen (by pressing "c") then hovering your cursor over the lookout glass (in the lower lefthand corner of the character info box near your the feet of your portrait).


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