Cultural Contribution points allow you to accept a second quest when you already have one.  Without Cultural Contribution points, you can only have ONE quest at a time.  If you already have a quest and try to take another, you will see the quest window complaints about not having enough Cultural Contribution.  With some Cultural Contribution, you can accept that second quest depending on the difficulty of the second quest and the rank of Cultural Contribution you have achieved.  The higher the rank you have, the more difficult second quest you can acquire.

Cultural Contribution Rank = Difficulty of Second Quest Decrease (Cultural Contributor Title)
0 ~ 499 1 5 (4)
500 ~ 1999 2 20 (16)
2000 ~ 4499 3 45 (36)
4500 ~ 7999 4 80 (64)
8000 ~ 12499 5 125 (100)
12500 ~ 17999 6 180 (144)
18000 ~ 23499 7 245 (196)
24500 ~ 31999 8 320 (256)
32000 ~ 40499 9 405 (324)
40500 ~ 50000 10 500 (400)

On of the best ways to begin obtaining Cultural Contribution points is to commission the crafting of an Ornament from the Discovery Card of one of your adventure finds. Take your Ornament and head on over to Paris (take carriage in Marseilles or Calais) and visit the Louvre museum. Once there you can put your Ornament on display in either the main exhibit hall, the hall of your Nation, or one of the smaller exhibit halls. In the exhibit hall of your Nation you can also play a part in setting the trends of your Capital City based on the region the majority of the Ornaments on display have come from. And remember, the Louvre will not display Ornaments from European discoveries. It must be from a discovery at least as far as Africa or the Middle East. And the more stars the discovery was the faster the Ornament created from it will rank up Cultural Contribution. With the exception of the Main Hall, all exhibitions are free and will stay on display for one week. So you need to return once a week (or so) to retrieve and re-display your Ornament to keep gaining Cultural Contribution. Exhibiting in the Main Hall will cost you some ducats but will stay on display longer and you can pay extra to raise the price it will cost someone to remove your exhibit and take your spot. The curator in the Louvre can explain more. Most discoveries that can be made into Ornaments have a specific Craftsman you must find who specializes in that particular Ornament. A list of acceptable Ornaments can be found HERE. And you can hunt down the Ornament and find the Craftsman who will make it HERE. Also, if you are not much of an Adventurer don't despair! You can always buy an acceptable Ornament or try to bum one from a friend or company mate. It's not at all necessary that the discovery was made by you.

You can view your Cultural Contribution rank by going to your character information screen (by pressing "c") then hovering your cursor over the telescope (in the lower left-hand corner of the character info box near your the feet of your portrait).


  1. Sample list of exhibits