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Course Meals Guide

Course meals can fill up your vigour points completely. When you are high enough level, this is preferable to going to multi towns to fill up on stamina for cheap prices.

Sometimes, you can get a bonus, this has been true since the days of Uncharted Waters.

Since I have found a recipe that does more than just fill you up, this page was born!

* Recipies that benefit

Venice, Ragusa:

Rum/ Raw Ham / Raw Ham / Raw ham / Raw Ham : Sailors get stronger ! (Decrease Fatigue)

*Recipies that just fill you up


Coconut Juice / Egusi Soup / Fufu / Lamb Skewer / Bean Stew (Recover AP & Decrease Fatigue)

*Recipies that fail

Critics Note:

If you receive a "You can't eat anymore" message then simply sit in the harbor for 1 game day. This will take about about 2 minutes.

Also to not receive those messages while engaging in a production skill like casting or cooking do not restore you viour more than 1/2 way up. This means you need to stop a little more often but you will ne get drunk, full or other wise unable to restore your vigor

How to find the perfect course meal

There is a specific course meal plan for every port. If u find the 'right' selection of meals in the right order u get in addition to the replenishment of vigour some Fatigue decrease. If u dont have any of those meals in your course meal selection theres a chance that your course meal 'just didnt taste very good' and u will only gain half vigour points. This is needed for example for the college skill Full/Drunk Rate Decrease where u get only written pages in your research by having 'perfect' course meals

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