This guide if for the nationality of spain. Cooking for spain my be difficult since spain mostly has Fire Arms in Seville but it's small town Gijon has good resources for cooking. Such as the Ducks and Pigs.

The Skills needed to are:

  • Accounts
  • Foods trading
  • Livestock trading
  • Cooking
  • Spanish
  • Portugese

Now first you need to level up your cooking skill until you see money comming in. The fastest way to level up cooking is milling. It is the fastest and cheapest way to level up cooking. After you mill and you cant buy anymore sail to faro and come back. Then you can start milling again. Once your skill is level 3 you will see bigger amounts of money come in. You will need the Livestock Secrets- Poultry (Which is sold in Calvi or Ragusa for 8,000)( Livestock Secrets- Pigs in Porto for 8,000)

Next you set sail to Gijon and there you buy as may Pigs and Ducks as you can and Turn the Pigs into Pork and the Ducks into Duck Meat. Then sell back to the Market Keep and He will give you 40,000 coins or more depending on how much pork or duck meat you sold to him. Then you set sail for Lisbon. At Lisbon you buy Chickens and turn them into Poultry. I dont do Lisbon since i never earned more than 25,000 coins there.Then you got to Faro. At Faro you buy Pigs and turn them into Pork. And repeat this as much as you like. When your level reaches level 4 you can now turn the pork into Bacon and earn you more profit than Pork. When you hit level 5 you may now make Sausage or Ham from Pork and make more money and Experince.

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