Skill cooking Cooking
Groceries can be made into dishes.
Attrib-vigour 5 Max. Rank 16
Acquisition requirements:
LvType adventure - LvType trade 3 LvType battle -

Additional info:

Produce food by processing foodstuff trade goods (must have recipe book).
More selection available as the rank gets higher.

For a list of recipe books for this skill goto Cook Books
Refine Additional Effect: Conserve production material
It will be possible to conserve materials for production. Also, a specific effect will be added when production is a great success.
Related booster items


Name Acquireable Skills Report Others
Merchant GM
Merchants' Guild
Flag spain Seville

- Merchant Quest -

Merchant GM
Merchants' Guild
Flag venice Venice

- Merchant Quest -

Merchant GM
Merchants' Guild
Flag netherlands Amsterdam

- Merchant Quest -

Duchess of Traetto
Duchess of Traetto's Estate

Attrib formality6+


Type adventure
Type trade
Type battle


Body Equipment
Head Equipment
Foot Equipment
Hand Equipment
Weapon Equipment
Accessory Equipment
+1 +1 +1 +1

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